Benefits of Spinach

About Spinach

Spinach is a superfood. It is loaded with tons of nutrients in a low-calorie package. It is believed that spinach originated in the regions of Persia in the ancient times, the modern day Iran. Spinach has been used by various cultures throughout history, notably in Mediterranean, Middle-Eastern and South-East-Asian cuisines. Spinach is a green, leafy vegetable with a high nutritional value. Spinach is rich in vitamins A, C, K, magnesium, iron and manganese. Eating this leafy green veggie may benefit eye health, reduce oxidative stress and reduce blood pressure levels among other health functions.

      Spinach is indeed good for your health. Belonging to the same family as beets and kale, spinach not only tastes good but also gives your body the essential nutrients. As a matter of fact, you get the same amount of protein from a chunk of spinach as you would obtain from a morsel of meat.  The amount of iron in this vegetable is almost double the amount found in other vegetables like carrot or cabbage.

Nutrition Value:

One cup of raw spinach contains

  • 7 calories
  • 0.86 grams of protein
  • 30 milligrams (mg) of calcium
  • 0.81 g of iron
  • 24 mg of magnesium
  • 167 mg of potassium

 Health Benefits of Spinach

 1. Helps to lose weight:

Spinach is rich in nutrients like Vitamin C and iron, which improves your metabolism helping you burn calories at a faster rate. If you are fat and need to lose weight, eating spinach preparations can be a great option.

2. Strengthen your Bones:

Spinach is a rich source of Vitamin K which helps in promoting a the production of a protein called Osteocalcin that is responsible for stabilizing calcium in the bones. spinach is also a great source of calcium and vitamin D, dietary fibre, potassium, magnesium and vitamin C, all of which are important nutrients that are good for bone health.

3. Improves the quality of your sperm:

Yes, this green leafy vegetable is packed with nutrients like folic acid, iron, zinc and antioxidants, which make your sperm a champion swimmer.

4. Repels bacteria and viruses:

Spinach is high in vitamin A which helps our skin and mucous membranes to repel various kinds of bacteria and viruses effectively. Vitamin A is good for the growth of all bodily tissues, including skin and hair.

5. Good for your Heart:

Spinach is packed with nutrients like antioxidants, vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids and folic acid which are great for your heart. These nutrients improve the blood flow in your body and prevent your arteries from getting blocked due to build-up of bad cholesterol. It is also the presence of lutein content that prevents thickening of walls of arteries, thus reducing the risk of heart attacks. It contains nitrite that not only helps in preventing the occurrence of heart attack but also cures the heart diseases associated with fat deposition.  

6.  Keeps you energized:

Spinach is also a great source of folate, a nutrient that helps your body turn food into usable energy. Moreover, making your body more alkalized can help you keep energized through the day and spinach is one veggie that is alkaline in nature. 

7. Controls Diabetes:

As the spinach has a very low glycaemic index, it is known to be an excellent food for people suffering from diabetes. Spinach can prevent diabetes due to the presence of nutrients that improve the functioning of beta cells that produce insulin.

8. Relieves Constipations:

Spinach is rich in fibre which is why it helps in the treatment of constipation. Apart from adding bulk to stools and easing the passage of stools, it also helps cleanse, rebuild and renew your intestinal tract.

9. Preventing Anemia:

Another important mineral, iron, which is found abundantly in spinach, is known to reproduce red blood cells, thereby preventing chances of anemia. The same iron is also useful for boosting the body’s metabolism, leading to more fat burning and giving way to reduce weight. The high nutrients content level in spinach helps in the creation of red blood cells and is an outstanding blood builder.

10. Good for Skin:

The antioxidants present in spinach can prevent wrinkles and prolong the signs of ageing. It also flushes out the harmful toxins present in the skin along with strengthening your skin tissue.

11. Helps to prevent Cancer:

Spinach also contains chlorophyll, carotenoids, omega-3 fatty acids and micronutrients like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. All these nutrients fight tumor formation and decrease the amount of cancer-promoting molecules, thereby protecting you from cancer. Particularly breast cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer and stomach cancer. Components like vitamin A, vitamin C, foliate, tocopherol, chlorophyll in, folic acid and fiber are considered beneficial in fighting against cancer cells.

12. Reduces Alzheimer’s disease:

Folate found in spinach aids in reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Vitamin B protects the skin against the harmful effects of UV radiations. And finally, the high alkaline properties in spinach make it a perfect food for people suffering from inflammatory ailments, like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

13. Improves your Brain Function:

You can improve your brain activity by increasing the consumption of antioxidants present in spinach. This is because; antioxidants protect the brain from free radical damage which is caused mainly due to ageing.

14. Great for your Eyes:

It is mainly due to the nutrients like iron, vitamin A, powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory property of this leafy vegetable. Apart from improving your vision, it also prevents cataracts and age-related macular degeneration, commonly seen in elderly people. Components like beta carotene, lutein, xanthenes and zeaxanthin act as strong antioxidants and protect the eyes from the harsh effects of UV rays. Lutein and zeaxanthin are stored in the macula, which is a part of the retina that acts as a natural sunblock, shielding your eye from damaging light.

15. Strong and Healthy Hair:

Instead of using chemical-based hair tonics and shampoos, consider consuming a glass of spinach juice daily. Since spinach is loaded with Vitamin B complex, it helps stimulate your hair growth and retains its luster as well.            

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