Home remedies for Sleep apnea

An Overview

Sleep apnea is a condition that causes you to stop breathing for short periods while you’re sleeping. People with sleep apnea don’t take in enough oxygen. This causes them to gasp and often wake up.
In many cases, people are unaware that they’ve stopped breathing, and believe that their sleep cycle is normal. Sleep apnea can sound like snoring.

This disorder influences more than 18 million Americans, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Sleep apnea can influence everyone, even small kids. Nevertheless, it tends to affect men more than women, especially Hispanic and African-American males. Other factors that can lead to increased risks of apnea are being at the age of over 60, excess smoking, tranquilizers or sedatives, nasal congestion, regular consumption of alcohol, family history, heart diseases, narrow throat, thick neck circumference and obesity.

Home remedies for Apnia

1. Maintain a healthy weight:

Doctors commonly recommend people with sleep apnea to lose weight. Obesity, specifically in the upper body, can increase the risk of airway obstruction and narrow nasal passages. These obstructions can cause you to stop breathing suddenly or for lengths of time while sleeping. Maintaining a healthy weight can keep your airways clear and reduce sleep apnea symptoms.Research shows that modest weight reduction in people with obesity can eliminate the need for upper airway surgery or long-term CPAP therapy.

2. Chamomile Tea:

One of the simplest natural home remedies for sleep apnea is a cup of chamomile tea before you go to sleep. The substances found in chamomile are believed to help the nerves relax, which makes it easier for us to sleep[3][4].
Chamomile is also effective in the prevention of inflammation; therefore, it can help stop snoring.

3. Try yoga:

Regular exercise can increase your energy level, strengthen your heart, and improve sleep apnea. Yoga can specifically improve your respiratory strength and encourage oxygen flow.
Sleep apnea is associated with decreased oxygen saturation in your blood. Yoga can improve your oxygen levels through its various breathing exercises. As a result, yoga reduces the amount of sleep interruptions you may experience.

4. Almond:

Among the best natural home remedies for sleep apnea, we need to mentionalmond. This small ingredient can supple the body with a high amount of magnesium that enables the muscles to relax more.
As a result, the body will feel more comfortable and sleep becomes easier. Furthermore, the biological clock of your body can be put under control with the help of almonds.

5. Avoid Drinking & Smoking:

You might notice many home remedies for sleep apnea are just to avoid habits that impact your physical health. Smoking is harmful to your lungs and health in a number of ways. It can also lead to swelling of the upper airways which causes and even exacerbates sleep apnea. Excessive drinking can also affect your breathing while asleep, relaxing your throat muscles and causing increased snoring. Even if you find a nightcap helps you fall asleep faster, it’s important to keep in mind that drinking does a lot more damage to your sleep cycle in the long term.

6. Warm Turmeric Milk:

The combination of turmeric and milk can help to deal with and beat off the symptoms of sleep apnea. Turmeric contains powerful anti-inflammatory property that can help to reduce inflammation in your respiratory system, helping you breathe freely while sleeping. Milk has the amino acid tryptophan that can help to promote sound and proper sleep. Here are some simple steps people will need to follow if they want to make use of these natural ingredients to deal with the sleep apnea issue.
• Add one tsp. of powdered turmeric to one cup of milk.
• Boil the milk and let it stay for about 2 – 3 minutes on low fire.
• Remove the turmeric milk from heat and add some honey if you like for more taste.
• Consume this solution 30 minutes before you go to sleep at night on a daily basis.

7. Add A Pillow To Your Sleep Setup:

• Propping your head using a comfy pillow can help clear your airways and prevent any trouble breathing you might experience in your sleep. Sleeping at an angle of 60 degrees can be helpful if you’re trying to keep your airways clear.
• Willing to invest in a little extra? An adjustable bed frame can be set to different, custom positions that can help make resting better a lot easier than you might expect.

8. Alter your sleep position:

Though a small change, altering your sleep position can reduce sleep apnea symptoms and improve your night’s rest. A 2006 study found that more than half of obstructive sleep apnea cases are dependent on position.
Studies have shown sleeping on your back — called the supine position — can worsen symptoms. For some adults, sleeping on the side can help breathing return to normal

9. Honey:

The sweetness of honey is beneficial for the sleep apnea treatment. The fact is that it can be one of the most effective natural home remedies for sleep apnea and you can easily find it no matter where you live. Honey is also a great prevention for snoring, which may make you embarrassed in many situations
• Take one spoon of honey into warm water.
• Consume the water before you hit the sack every day.
If you want to get more, you can supplement powdered black pepper.

10. Peppermint:

From simple ways to fall asleep, you can get another natural home remedy for sleep apnea, like the case of peppermint. It can also stop you from snoring, which may disturb many people at night.
You can use either peppermint oil or peppermint tea to get rid of sleep apnea.
• Crush some peppermint leaves first and put them into boiling water.
• They had better be covered and steeped in more or less than 10 minutes before being strained.
• Consume the tea with or without honey.

11. Cardamom:

Known as a great spice in cooking, cardamon now is getting more and more attention as one of the best natural home remedies for sleep apnea. It works as efficiently as drugs in soothing your throat and respiratory system. This enables you to breathe more easily, even during the sleep.
• Prepare powdered cardamon and take 1-2 spoons of it into warm water.
• Consume the mixture half an hour before you hit the sack every night.

12. Banana:

Banana is such a nutritious fruit and a lot of people, including me, love it. It has been well-known for many amazing health benefits, including weight loss. However, it would be a flaw if we forgot that banana actually provides many minerals to enhance our muscles and nerves. For this reason, it is one of the best natural home remedies for sleep apnea.

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