Home remedies for Hearing loss

An Overview

Hearing loss refers to one’s inability to hear and it can be complete or partial. Hearing loss is mostly seen in elderly people, where it is called Presbycusis in medical terminology. The other causes of hearing loss are ear infections (Otitis Media); enlarged tonsils and Adenoids; wax in ear; trauma or injury; weakness or paralysis of auditory nerve and Meniere’s Disease. Most people would rather go in for a hearing aid and various supportive treatments for hearing loss and assume that’s that. But Homeopathy has a treatment for hearing loss.

A most important question arises in every bodies mind is “how you can cure these hearing problems naturally. Well, there are a number of ways for treating the hearing loss such as hearing aids, cochlear implants, surgery, it will more interest you to know even herbs are very effective. Around ¾ people od the US choose natural remedies for their hearing impairment such as the use of an herb or changing their nutrition. Herbs consist of various elements that help you in preventing the deterioration of hearing loss. As we all love our life and want to lead a very healthy life. After a lot of compilation, we have reached 4 such herbs that will help you to overcome the hearing loss.

Home remedies for Hearing loss

1. Ginger:

Nowadays ginger is only considered an ingredient in Indian foods and Asian stir-fry dishes. But since ancient times it has been used as a natural remedy as well. It improves the blood circulation of a person.you van take ginger as per your choice such as with tea or Chewing directly. It is known to everyone and also shown by the researchers about gingers antibiotics and antiviral components that are an essential ingredient for preventing infections that are the main reason for hearing loss.

2. Turmeric:

Indians desire and adore turmeric for its medicinal values. True to their belief it’s one of the best-classified herbs given to man by nature. It consists of bioactive compounds which have strong medicinal properties that help in assisting your brain and body to function in a seamless fashion. It is rich in potassium mineral that has a very important role in the proper functioning of the ears.

3. Garlic:

It is a home remedy to treat hearing loss. Garlic is used to increase cholesterol levels, blood circulation and to maintain blood sugar levels. Limit your exposure to loud noises. One of the most common causes of hearing loss is repeated exposure to loud noises. By reducing your exposure to loud noises as much as possible, you may be able to prevent hearing loss.

4. Onion:

It is home remedies use to heal hearing loss or deafness. It has an antibacterial property and treats bacterial infection. Take 300g of onion in 1 liter of water and allow it to stand for at least half a day. For best results, you should drink 3 glasses of this solution daily. You can also place onion packs in your affected ear for the treatment of middle-ear infection in children.

5. Cajeput oil:

It improves our hearing sense by taking a message in front of and behind the ears using a few drops of oil
Marjoram It reduces blood pressure and has anti-arteriosclerotic properties. Hearing loss due to poor blood pressure is treated by Marjoram.

6. Monitor the volume of noise at home:

You can help prevent noise-related hearing loss in your home by watching the volume of your appliances and also the volume at which people speak. By keeping sound levels to a minimum, you may minimize your chance for hearing loss or other conditions such as tinnitus. Monitor the volume of noise at home. You can help prevent noise-related hearing loss in your home by watching the volume of your appliances and also the volume at which people speak. By keeping sound levels to a minimum, you may minimize your chance for hearing loss or other conditions such as tinnitus.
• Keep the volume of electronics such as TVs, tablets, and video games at a minimum.
• If you use personal listening devices, keep the sound at a conservative level. Buying noise-cancelling headphones may help you listen at a lower noise level.
• Ear-bud type headphones are more likely to cause hearing loss than typical headphones. When using earbuds, it is highly recommended that you keep the volume to a minimum, especially if you are using special noise-canceling ones.
• If you are wearing headphones and someone within 3 feet (0.9 m) can hear what

7. Exercise:

Exercising is one of those ways on how to improve hearing naturally that also helps improve your body and mental health. The thing is, your auditory system never stops working, which means it never shuts down. And for something that’s working 24×7, it needs to be supplied regularly by nutrients and oxygen. And what better way to get your oxygen supply improving and blood pumping than exercising. Aerobics are the best bet for you, because apart from improving your hearing, it also improves your brain functioning.

  • Limit your exposure to high decibel situations, such as ambulance sirens, which typically have a decibel level of 100-109 and rock concerts, which tend to have a decibel level of 110-119.
  • Consider wearing ear protection when doing outdoor activities such as mowing the lawn or whacking weeds.
  •  Many people work in places that require them to hear loud noises on a consistent basis. For example, working in factories, the military, transportation services, or construction may hurt your hearing.

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