Home remedies for Eye redness

An Overview

We all know that the eyes play a vital role in our everyday life. It is the window of our soul and helps us have a better sense of the surrounding world. Therefore, any problem to the eyes is worthy of much concern. And one of the most common eye problems is red eyes.

Red eyes can happen to anyone, no matter they are old or young, male or female. Eye redness also varies in seriousness. In some situations, red eyes can lead to the itchiness or pain.

What Are the Symptoms of Red Eyes?

When you have red eyes, you can have the following symptoms, caused by some issues that are not easily noticed, including:

  • Burning sensation.
  • Dermatitis (scaling or crusting of the eyelid skin).
  • Discharge ( it could be watery or thick).
  • Eyelashes that are falling out. It is typically linked with elephantiasis.
  • Foreign body sensation.
  • Itchy eyelids.
  • Itchy eyes.

Home remedies for Eye Redness

1. Cold Compress:

One of the most simple but effective home remedies for red eyes is cold compress. It is very simple and everyone can apply it at home. Using cold water will reduce the discomfort in the eyes and help you get rid of eye tiredness quickly. The cold temperature can help tighten the skin around the eyes which relaxes the blood vessels. This, in turn, reduces redness in the eye. Dip a soft cloth in cold water and place it on your eyelids for 5 to 10 minutes.

2. Sesame flowers:

Sesame flowers are known for their medicinal value and have been used to treat kidney stones for stimulating hair growth (treating baldness) as face pack, and for increasing the sperm count as well. More importantly sesame flowers are good for treating eye pain and burning in the eyes as they help remove dryness and cure pus formation.

3. Drink plenty of water:

Remember to drink plenty of water when you have symptoms of red eyes. The way to treat red eyes using water is to increase the amount of water you drink every day[3][4]. This will hydrate your body and eyes, reducing the redness. It is suggested by experts that we take at least 8 cups of water per day.

4. Rose Water:

Rose water has a relaxing effect on the eyes. Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce the irritation in the eyes and thus reduce the redness. Here is how you can use this remedy. Soak a couple of cotton pads in rose water and place one on each eye for about 15 minutes.

5. Cold Milk:

If you want one of the most soothing home remedies for red eyes, you can replace the cold water with cold milk, which contains more nutrients than normal water. Using milk as one of the home remedies for red eyes can eliminate the itchiness and provide some essential substances for the eyes and the skin surrounding your eyes.
• Prepare two tablespoons of cold milk
• Soak a cotton ball in the milk
• Put it over your eyelids

6. Salt:

Salt is one of the most simple home remedies for red eyes because you always have it in your kitchen. It can prevent the bacteria from developing and attacking your eyes. The mixture of salt and water is a great way to help you treat the problem of red eyes quickly because it provides anti-inflammatory substances for the eyes.

7. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can help treat red and irritated eyes. It also contains ethyl acetate extracts and ethanol which prevent inflammation of the eyes. Here is how you can use aloe vera for your eyes. Aloe Vera with its soothing nature is exceptionally good for red eyes. Being one of the most effective home remedies for red eyes, aloe vera has succulent leaves that contain a gel-like substance that is soothing and anti-inflammatory.

8. A balanced diet:

A balanced diet is very useful for your healthy eyes. It can contribute to curing and preventing red eyes effectively. A healthy diet good for your eyes should be involved in omega 3 fatty acids. You can find them in some foods like salmon, flaxseeds, and nuts. Besides that, adding minerals and vitamins like vitamin B2, B6, C, and E is very necessary.

9. Castor oil:

Castor oil is also considered as one of the good home remedies for red eyes relief that you can apply. It is not only used for treating eye conditions but also for many other skin conditions. With castor oil, you simply put 1 drop of it in each eyelid and do it for 3 or 4 days until your red eyes get better.

10. Warm Compress:

Place a warm compress over the eyelids to help deal with bloodshot eyes. The heat will increase the blood circulation in that area and form tears which can help reduce the dryness in the eye. To make a warm compress at home, dip a lint-free cloth in warm water and wring it. Then lie down on a bed, and cover your eyes with the cloth for a minute. Use a different washcloth and repeat it 3 or 4 times a day.

11. Tea Bags:

Used tea bags can also be used for treating red eyes. Tea is rich in flavonoids and tannins which can treat red eyes. Keep two tea bags in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Take them out after half an hour. Lie down on the bed and place the tea bags on your eyelids.

12. Cucumber:

Cucumber helps shrink the blood vessels in the eyes and treat the condition. The anti-inflammatory properties of cucumber also help reduce puffiness around the eyes. Here’s how you can use cucumber to treat red eyes.

Pink eye (conjunctivitis) and elephantiasis are sometimes caused by bacterial infections. Using eyes drops consistently may not help you. You should see your doctor if you have injured your eye or you have a hemorrhage, which looks like a big red spot.

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