Home remedies for Cold Sore


Cold sores, also known as fever blisters, normally appear on the lip or around the mouth area. These are often caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1). Apart from being unsightly, these can be very painful. No one is immune to it as male and female adults and children alike can become infected with it. When you have a cold sore, it isn’t something for you to be embarrassed about. Rather than hide it and not take action, it’s best for you to see a doctor to get it treated right away. There are also many blisters around your lip area that you may mistakenly assume are cold sores but could be something else entirely, so it’s best to get a doctor’s diagnosis.

Top remedies to get rid of Cold sore

1. Apply Over-The-Counter Medication

The moment you notice a cold sore coming on, check your medicine cabinet and look for any pain reliever or antiviral cold sore medication you may have. If you do this as soon as a cold sore appears, you may just be able to speed up its healing. Your cold sore cream should contain benzyl alcohol or docosanol for best results. It’s fine if you don’t have such topical treatments readily available in your home because you can easily purchase them at the drugstore without a prescription.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a well-loved household remedy for certain discomforts and illnesses. Many choose to use it for the reason that it’s said to have properties that fight off germs, bacteria, and viruses. However, be careful not to use pure apple cider vinegar as this may be too strong for your cold sore. You have to dilute it before using.

3. Use lip balm with SPF

Exposure to strong sunlight can leave you with a cold sore. This is most likely because UV rays cause damage to the skin, which can be enough to activate the virus and trigger a cold sore.2
Wear lip balm with a broad spectrum (protection against both UVA and UVB rays) of at least SPF 15. This is advisable year-round but be extra-vigilant about application when the sun is strong.

4. Petroleum jelly

Using a mineral-based barrier lotion like petroleum jelly on cold sores will seal in moisture and keep the skin protected while it heals. It’s a good idea to dab a patch of this on following an astringent such as tea tree oil or witch hazel, as these can dry out your cold sore blister and leave raw, scab-prone skin underneath.

5. Vanilla

The pure vanilla extract is considered one of natural home remedies for cold sores that some people swear by. According to some people who tried this method, because vanilla is alcohol based, so running it along the lines will make it difficult for the virus to thrive and alleviate the length as well as severity of the outbreaks. Hence, if you use vanilla, you should use the organic type.
• Take a cotton pad / swab to put into the vanilla till it is saturated thoroughly.
• Apply it to the sores, keep holding for 1 minute.
• Re-apply this method 4 times per day

6. Rhubarb and sage

An older German study from 2001 found that a cream preparation made from rhubarb root and sage extracts reduced the pain and swelling of cold sores as effectively as the leading cold sore cream.7

7. Ice Pack

One of the fastest and simplest methods to heal cold sore pain is to use an ice pack. Take some ice cubes. Put them directly on the cold sores for some time. Ice will provide instant relief in the swelling. Hold it as long as possible, then, apply some Vaseline on the infected area to prevent bacterial attack. For best results, practise the method thrice a day.

8. Licorice

It is one of the best natural cold sore treatments. Licorice is known for its anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. All you need to do is to prepare a paste of one tablespoon of licorice root powder and half teaspoon of fresh water. Mix it well and gently apply a thin layer of the mix on the sores.

9. Cold Compress

Applying a cold compress can also do wonders if you have a cold sore. All you have to do is to wrap ice with a clean towel and dab it on the affected area. This simple cold compress treatment may help reduce inflammation. Also, it can minimize any swelling and redness on the affected area. If your cold sores start to get itchy, don’t scratch them as you’re only going to worsen their condition. Whenever you get tempted to do so, you may want to apply a cold compress instead.

10. Tea Tree Oil

For those of you who love essential oils and have a stash at home, you’ll be glad to know that some of those oils might also be effective in treating cold sores. One of these is tea tree oil, which can possibly reduce inflammation in the area and may also help fight off the herpes simplex virus.

11. Milk

To get relief in cold sores and pain arising due to them, milk is a useful remedy. Milk helps to speed up the healing process. Take one tablespoon of milk and soak a cotton ball in it. Apply it directly on the sores and leave it for a longer time. Finally, wipe the area with a clean towel to remove the remains of milk. If necessary, apply some petroleum jelly.

12. Orange Oil

Orange oil is effective to heal cold sores. With the help of a cotton ball or clean cloth, apply some orange oil directly on the blisters. To get instant results, follow the process thrice a day.

13. Hydrogen Peroxide

Take a cotton ball and soak it in 1 tbsp of hydrogen peroxide solution. Put the soaked cotton ball directly on the sores. Hold it for five minutes and then, rinse it with clean water. It’s a good remedy to get rid of cold sores.

14. Aloe vera gel

The same gel used for sunburn may help a cold sore to heal. Lab research has shown the gel may help fight viruses, including herpes simplex.

15. Lysine

This supplement may be used sometimes to treat cold sores. It comes in a cream or in capsule form.

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