Here are 5 WAYS to protect yourself from deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is increasing day by day and also its spread reaching new countries everyday. As efforts globally are being stepped up to stop the all possible spread and mitigate all the risk at the earliest, hence we all need to follows the importance guidelines and information provided by Government Health Organizations and WHO.

Here are 5 WAYS to protect yourself from deadly Coronavirus (COVDI-19)

  • WASH Wash your hands with soap and water before you eat or drink anything to minimize the risk of infection. It is also best to wash your hands anytime you are out in public or after you are around someone you suspect may be sick!
  • AVOID Maintain a distance from people who are coughing or sneezing. It is also best to avoid crowds as sometimes the person might not show any symptoms but might be a carrier of the virus.
  • COVER Cover your face with a mask and suggest to those who are coughing/sneezing to wear a mast to protect everyone else nearby!
  • COOK Thoroughly cook your food, especially meat!
  • TOUCH – In case someone sneezes around you, don’t touch your face as the sick person’s saliva can spread the virus. Do avoid touching anything around and sanitize yourself to be safe!

Don’t ignore……seek a immediate medical care if you have fever, cough or breathing difficulty. Stay cautious and stay safe!

Some people believe on below things….

  1. Eating spicy food and herbs will help cure the COVID-19 infection!

Although ginger, garlic, neem and other spices have antimicrobial properties, however they do not help against the COVID-19 infection if you are already infected.

  1. Antibiotics will help against viral infection!

Antibiotics only help kill bacteria that may infect your if your immunity is low due to viral infection. The virus remains unharmed by them.

  1. Spraying oneself with chlorine or alcohol will help to protect against the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Although highly effective as surface cleaners when used as directed, these chemicals can harm clothes and body, especially eyes and mouth and therefore should not be sprayed.

  1. Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection is almost a death sentence!

The reported mortality rate from the infection is approximately 3.4%, according to the WHO. Also some countries affected patients are recovered successfully with proper care and diagnosis.

  1. Coronavirus (COVID-19) can spread via animal sources!

Possible animal sources of Coronavirus (COVID-19) have not yet been confirmed, but it is till advised to cook all food thoroughly before consumption especially meat & sea food.

  1. Wearing masks will give me 100% protection

Masks are effective only in combination with proper and frequent hand-washing. Healthy people need to wear a mask only if they are taking care of an infected person. People who are coughing or sneezing also need to wear a mask and everyone should know the proper way to put it on and take it off.  Also avoid wearing same mask multiple times.

Stay calm and be informative to know the latest news about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) around you so that you can take precautions and avoid contact with virus.

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