Healthy Habits for Kids


The most important thing to remember is that you are your child’s role model. Your habits affect your children’s habits. If your habits are unhealthy smoking, drinking too much alcohol or always expecting the worst for example your child is more likely to get those habits.  Doing things on daily or regular basis turn into habits, these habits help in building the character of your child. With each passing day, your child learns and develops his physical and mental skills and you as a parent, would want to contribute your best to ensure that your child learns and adopts healthy habits from the very beginning. Children are very observant of their environment. Therefore, it is important that as a parent you imbibe healthy habits in your kids. Here, we shall discuss some of the healthy habits that you may help your kid practice on a regular basis and become a better human being.

As a responsible parent, taking care of your kid’s health and teaching them to follow healthy habits is very essential. This is the path to preventing infections and keeping various illnesses at bay. A child is a great imitator that is whatever your child sees and observes, he/she is bound to practice it. Therefore, teaching kids healthy habits will help them acquire skills for a better life ahead.

Following are some of the healthy habits list for kids that you may start early in life and give your child a great start for a healthier and better tomorrow:

Healthy habits for kids

  1. Eating Healthy And Well:

Good healthy eating habits for kids are of utmost importance in the formative years. Though sometimes it may become quite challenging for you, the key is, to make the food look appealing to your child. Refrain from feeding junk and sugary food your child. Make them aware of the ill-effects of eating unhealthy food and help them in making right choices in food.

  1. Don’t Skip Breakfast:

Getting your kid into a regular routine of breakfast-lunch-dinner will help him avoid unnecessary snacking right from the very beginning. This is probably the most crucial and important stages when it comes to helping your kid adopt healthy eating habits.

  1. Outdoor Activities:

Along with a good diet, it is very important for a kid to be physically active. Prompt your kid to spend more time in outdoor activities, such as running, cycling, playing in the park with the friends etc. Physical activities energize the child and keep them happy and motivated.

 4. Wash hands:

Hand washing undoubtedly tops the list when it comes to getting your kid into healthy habit- explain the importance of washing hands to your little kid and also focus on the correct techniques – 20 seconds is a must for children. Teach your kids to wash their hands with soap or hand wash liquid.

  1. Sleeping On Time: 

Adequate amount of sleep and rest is important to regain and replenish the energy levels in a child’s body. Good sleep helps the child feel rejuvenated and fresh for the day. Set up a sleeping routine for your child and adhere to it. Irregular sleeping hours can make your child irritable and erratic

6.  Toss that Tissue:

Make sure your kids follow the etiquette of using a tissue or kerchief when they need to cough or sneeze. You also get him/her into the habit of disposing the tissues right away. Keep a trash can in your kid’s room. This would help to prevent the spread of infections among your kids. Letting your child know the about germs will keep them informed about preventing infections

  1. Inculcate Good Reading Habits:

Reading habit is very good for every child. Reading not only helps in grasping a language better but a child learns to become more imaginative and creative. You may set up a regular reading schedule or even read together at bedtime.

  1. Don’t give Mobile phones:

It’s the age of iPods and Xboxes, and often, you may find your kid stuck to the television set or his brand new tablet. If that’s the case, encourage your kid to find happiness in outdoor activities. Get him a pet dog and ask him to take him for a walk or do some hula hoop swirls out in the garden with your little naughty kid.

  1. Bathing:

Where some children are water babies others despise water to a great extent. You must inculcate the habit of personal hygiene in your child. It is important to encourage them to bathe on a daily basis and also after an active session of outdoor activities.  The general idea is to make regular activities a fun time for your kid until he grows older.

  1. Spending Time With The Family:

Spending time with the family is very important for a growing child. They not only learn to bond with the family members, but also the importance of spending quality family time together. Dinner time is the ideal time for a family to bond together. This way, your kid will be less prone to snacking and grabbing the wrong foods and will also enjoy time with his parents and connect to them better.

  1. Brushing Teeth Twice A Day:

You should strictly help your child follow the habit of brushing twice a day. Good oral hygiene cannot be overstated as teeth are vulnerable to cavities. Kids usually dislike brushing, but if you educate your children about the importance of brushing, it will help them adopt this habit with ease.

  1. Read Every day:

Dread the bedtime stories your little kid gets all excited about? Several studies have revealed how helping your child read, and reading out to him could help develop strong reading skills and may help your kid succeed in school and work.

  1. Taking Care of Your Kid’s Mental Health:

It is often seen that most parents pay more heed to the physical well-being of their kids than the mental wellbeing. It is very important to pay heed to the mental health of your kid. It is more important in cases where single parenting is involved.

  1. Teaching them The Importance of Money:

Teach your child the value and importance of money. Start by giving them a piggy bank and a weekly or monthly allowance. Teach them how they can effectively spend and save their money making your child learn about the importance money at an earlier stage in a good idea.

15.  Avoid Keeping Reptiles As Pets:

Some reptiles have harmful bacteria called salmonella residing in their body, which can be fatal for your kids. Do not allow your kids to have lizards, turtles or snakes as pets, even if they are of harmless breed.

  1. Importance of Sharing:

Most children find it very difficult to share their toys and other belongings with their siblings or friends. It is very important to teach sharing and caring for your child. Apart from tangible things it is also important to learn to share intangible things such as feelings and emotions.

  1. Cleaning the private parts:

If you have boys, educate them the way to clean their genitals using soap and water while making sure that the foreskin is not retracted. If you have daughters, teach them the right way of using a tissue to wipe, which is from front to back and not vice versa.

Hope this Symptoms and cure article will be helpful to all. Do not forget to share your valuable suggestions if any.

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