Healthy drinks for Kids

Kids are busy. Their minds and bodies are hard at work and play and sometimes, they don’t want to stop to get a drink. During the summer months, people try various ways to beating the heat – wearing light outfits, drinking a lot of fluids including water and juice, staying indoors during the day, going for a swim, taking a vacation in the hill stations and eating light. Water is considered an essential nutrient, also a part of every body cell.

Best Drinks for Kids

 1. Water

Plain old water is the best way to go. “It provides hydration and quenches thirst without adding any calories, fat or sugar.

 2. Lemon Water

Rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin A, vitamin E, folate, niacin, calcium, iron and protein, lemon water helps your toddler stay cool and refreshed. Lemon water also helps strengthen the immune system, cleanse the stomach and purify the blood. Just with one or two glasses of lemon juice a day, you can cleanse your liver, boost your digestive system, stimulate the production of bile and a lot more. Lemon and other citric fruits general speaking are a great source of vitamin C so that they aid in strengthening your immunity system.

3. Milk

Milk is an important part of any diet,” Ms. Seither says. Milk provides protein, vitamin D and calcium. Considered as a great source of vitamin D and calcium as you’re a child, this drink might like less of a grown-up food than other ones, yet skim and low fat milk are still good sources of healthy protein and essential micronutrients.

4. Ginger Tea

Ginger is a natural remedy for various tummy troubles. It has been used for long in Asian countries for many diseases and conditions. For instance, ginger tea can help sooth upset stomach, prevent pregnancy related nausea, ease digestion and relieve motion sickness. Ginger is good for our toddlers. o prevent common diseases and illness, you can store ginger in your kitchen and use it anytime you need.

5. Coconut water

The various micronutrients present in coconut water help boost the immune system making this drink an excellent thirst quencher for children. Coconut water is easy on the stomach for toddlers and is used to soothe tummy troubles like indigestion, acid reflux, and gastroenteritis. Not only coconut is good for health but also coconut water packed in this tropical fruit. Like coconut oil or pulp, coconut water also has been used in many cultures for a long time.

6. Pomegranate juice

Drinking a glass of pomegranate juice everyday is a great choice. Pomegranate has been praised recently for its hefty antioxidants. Research has indicated that this red juice can help prevent cancer, heart disease and reduce inflammation.

7. Fruit Juice

Drinks such as fruit punch, powdered mixes, lemonade and pouch drinks are simply sugar water. If your child is eating five cups of fruits and vegetables every day, he or she is getting plenty of vitamin C.

8. Orange juice

Just a glass of fresh orange juice can hits the spot, yet some take much effort for making on your regular basic.  It is believed that seasonal allergies are proven to get soothed with quercetin and vitamin C. And as you know oranges are famous for their vitamin C rich content and quercetin, a form of flavonol that are also found in many vegetables and fruits.

9. Beetroot Juice

Beet is suggested to reduce high blood pressure, increase blood flow to the brain of the elderly and increase stamina. Beet can help slow down the progression of the dementia in old adult. his vegetable is good for liver as it is high in iron levels, calcium levels and low in trans fats as well as saturated fats.

10. Buttermilk

Popularly known in India as chaas, buttermilk is a well-known and inexpensive summer drink. Made from curd and spices such as jeera, curry leaves, ginger and salt,chaas has many benefits for children – helps soothe the stomach, aids digestion, prevents vitamin deficiency and is a great drink to prevent dehydration in toddlers.

11. Hot chocolate drink

To make a cup of hot chocolate drink, simply take some raw cocoa powder. Mix it with hot water very well. If you want to make your drink sweeten, add a little bit of almond milk, maple syrup or honey. This is a favorite drink of many people especially kids.


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