Food that can protect your Liver


The liver is the largest organ inside the human body and one of the most important. Not only is it responsible for filtering all sorts of harmful toxins out of your blood, it also helps you digest your food and store energy. It also breaks down toxins like alcohol, medications and natural byproducts of metabolism. Your liver is also one of the easiest organs to damage and does require a little TLC to keep it working properly. Keeping your liver in good shape is important for maintaining health.

Best Food to protect your Liver:

1. Coffee:

Coffee is one of the best beverages you can drink to promote liver health. Drinking coffee lowers the risk of cirrhosis, or permanent liver damage, in people with chronic liver disease and it has positive effects on liver disease and inflammation. Coffee also decreases inflammation and increases levels of the antioxidant agglutination. It also lowers the risk of developing liver disease, cancer and fatty liver.

2. Green Tea:

Green Tea is high in catechist, antioxidants that improve blood markers of liver health, boost liver enzyme levels and protect against oxidation stress and fat deposits in the liver. Some research indicates that green tea may also reduce the risk of liver cancer.

3. Tea:

Tea is widely considered to be beneficial for health, but evidence has shown that it may have particular benefits for the liver. A smaller study in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease patients found drinking green tea high in antioxidants for 12 weeks improved liver enzyme levels and may also reduce oxidation stress and fat deposits in the liver especially those who have liver problems, should exercise caution before consuming green tea as a supplement.

4. Sprouts:

Sprouts are rich in Aristophanes and other compounds that boost detoxification and protect the liver from damage. Men with fatty liver disease who took broccoli sprout extract showed improved liver enzyme levels and decreased oxidation stress.

5.  Grapefruit:

Grapes and grape juice can benefit the liver. Grapefruit contains antioxidants that naturally protect the liver. The protective effects of grapefruit are known to occur in two ways by reducing inflammation and protecting cells. However, human studies, as well as those on grapefruit or grapefruit juice itself are lacking.

6. Apples:

Apples contain pectin and other chemical constituents which can help in cleansing and releasing toxins from the digestive tract. This process makes it easier for the liver to handle toxic load during cleansing.

7. Blueberries:

Blueberries and cranberries both contain anthologists, antioxidants that give berries their distinctive colors. Consuming these fruits for 3–4 weeks protected the liver from damage. Additionally, blueberries helped increase immune cell response and antioxidant enzyme. Making these berries a regular part of your diet is a good way to make sure your liver is supplied with the antioxidants it needs to stay healthy.

8. Garlic:

Garlic also performs the function of holding high amounts of Alicia and selenium. These two compounds are important for natural cleansing of the liver.

9. Beetroot Juice:

Beetroot juice is a source of nitrates and antioxidants which may benefit heart health and reduce oxidation damage and inflammation. beetroot juice reduces oxidation damage and inflammation in the liver, as well as increases natural detoxification enzymes.

10. Garlic:

Turmeric is the wonder spice which can help in natural detoxification of the liver. Turmeric helps in boosting enzymes which can flush out dietary toxins from the body.

11. Nuts:

This composition is responsible for several health benefits, especially for heart health, but potentially also for the live Nut intake has been associated with improved liver enzyme levels in patients with NAFLD. Conversely, low nut intake has been associated with a higher risk of developing the disease.

12. Leafy Green Vegetables:

 Leafy green veggies are high in chlorophyll, which helps in soaking environmental toxins from the bloodstream. Leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale, mustard greens, bitter gourd, lettuce etc are also good foods which can help in cleansing the liver naturally.

13. Fatty Fish:

Fatty fish contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are healthy fats that reduce inflammation and have been associated with a lower risk of heart disease. While consuming omega-3-rich fatty fish appears to be beneficial for your liver. An omega-6 to omega-3 ratio that is too high can promote the development of liver disease.

14. Walnut:

They are high in amino acid Argentine – which support the liver and detoxify ammonia. Omega-3 fatty acids in walnuts help in normal cleansing of the liver.

15. Olive oil:

Olive oil is considered a healthy fat because of its many health benefits, including positive effects on heart and metabolic health. However, it also has positive effects on the liver. Fat accumulation in the liver is part of the first stage of liver disease. Therefore, olive oil’s positive effects on liver fat, as well as other aspects of health, make it a valuable part of a healthy diet.

16. Lemons:

Citrus fruits like lemon and lime can help in cleansing the liver naturally. Drink freshly squeezed lime juice or lemon in the morning to stimulate liver to function in a better way. Citrus fruits like lemons help in naturally cleansing the liver.

17. Moderate your alcohol consumption:

When your liver processes alcohol, a number of toxic chemicals are released that can cause damage to your live. Alcoholic liver disease is the result of the over consumption of alcohol, and is responsible for up to 37% of all liver disease deaths. People who are especially at risk for developing alcoholic liver disease are those who are dependent on alcohol, females, people who are overweight and people with a familial tendency to develop the condition

The liver is the largest organ inside the human body, and one of the most important. Your liver is also one of the easiest organs to damage, and does require a little TLC to keep it working properly.





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