Best Healthy Breakfast

About Breakfast

Skipping breakfast can set you up for overeating later in the day. A healthy morning meal on the other hand, can give you energy, satisfy your appetite, and set the stage for smart decisions all day long.
Wake up to tasty nutritious breakfast whether its high protein eggs, avocado on toast , porridge or a healthy smoothie to fuel you through the morning.

The best food eat up in the morning
1. Eggs.
2. Ragi 
3. Coffee.
4. Oatmeal or Oats Uttapam 
5.  Fruit Smoothies
6. Berries.
7. Wheat Bread
8. Green Tea.
9. Protein shake

  1. Eggs:

Eating eggs at breakfast increases feelings of fullness, reduces calorie intake at the next meal and helps maintain steady blood sugar and insulin level.
• Egg help with brain development and memory.
• Eggs Protect your Eye Sight
• Eggs aren’t going to make your cholesterol worse

     2.  Ragi :

Ragi and spinach together, are one of the most powerful ingredients that provides ample amount of nutrients like Iron, Vitamin A and Fiber.

     3. Coffee:

Coffee isn’t just black water.
Many of the nutrients in the coffee beans do make it into the final drink, which actually contains a decent amount of vitamins and minerals.
• Coffee doesn’t just keep you awake — it may also make you smarter.
• it may also protect your brain in old age.

   4. Oatmeal or Oats Uttapam:

Oatmeal does not have any magical properties as a breakfast food. But it can serve as a healthy and filling breakfast when you’re trying to lose weight. Oatmeal has a number of health benefits. Oats Uttapam is a delicious southern delight that is easy, quick and fuss-free to cook.
• Oats Can Lower Cholesterol, Blood Sugar, and Help You Go
• Oats make an easy balanced Breakfast

   5. Fruit Smoothies: 

A power drink that will shoot up your energy levels instantly. Fresh fruits, milk, honey and oats come together to make this energy booster. Fruits like melon, kiwi and papaya

   6. Berries:

Fruit is the best way to help “break the fast” as it is easy to digest and wakes up the metabolism with a steady influx of natural fruit sugars (all without the harsh adrenal-killing coffees and fatty meals).
• Stimulate the Digestive Tract
• Wake up the Body
• Lose weight
• Boost the Immune System
• Strength

   7. Wheat Bread:

 Bread provides calories (energy) primarily in the form of carbohydrate. Carbs are your body’s preferred energy source. So when you eat bread, you provide your body with fuel for your daily activities. A single slice of prepared whole wheat bread provides almost 70 calories and about 1 gram of fat.

Green Tea :

This can help you in kick starting your metabolism in the morning itself which can help you in burning calories and lead to weight loss.

Protein shake: Protein shakes are supplements, and they are there to do just that. Supplement your diet. They are add-ons. … Protein shakes will never hold the same nutritional benefits as real food, which will generally contain more protein per serving than a shake.

Supplementing a protein shake for breakfast may help you lose weight. But, in addition to just swapping out your bowl of cereal for a high-protein shake, you may need to make a few more changes to your diet to reach your weight goals.

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