Best Food For Baby’s


     Breast milk is best food for babies. Even though you have introduced solid foods to your baby. Breast milk remains a vital source of nutrition for your baby. Create a daily meal plan where you start the day by breastfeeding the baby followed by breakfast, mid-snack, lunch, snack and dinner. In between these meals, you can breastfeed as per your baby’s requirements.

    Mommies are always worried about their children food eating habits and food selection. Try to provide the food which is fresh, home cooked and healthy for your kids.

Newborn to 6 months: Breast milk.

6 months onwards: Introduce solid foods in the form of smooth purees.

8 to 9 months: Start making food lumpier, which  will teach them to swallow.

9 to 12 months: Introduce diced foods that are soluble and add variety to food in the form of vegetables and fruits.

Best food for infants: (6 to 12 Months)

Mashed banana:

Banana is an easy option to pick and feed to your baby.

Moong Daal ( yellow split pulse) :  

Moong Daal is a healthy choice for your baby. It has sufficient flavors and nutrition.

Rice cereal:

Rice Cereal is one of the commonly used first cereal for baby. It is hypoallergenic, single grain, easy to digest. Rice cereal is a good option for babies who have gas problems.

Oat meal Cereal:  

Oats are rich in calcium, fiber, protein and Vitamins B. Oats Cereals for your little one is a good choice. Oats cereal is easy to digest and less constipated than rice cereal.

Plain Khichdi:

Once your baby is in her ninth month, you can start giving her khichdi, a great combo of cereal and pulse.

Seasonal vegetable Soup:

Homemade warm, fresh and seasonal soups are the good way to introduce seasonal vegetables to your little one.

Carrot Soup:

This soup is really healthy and provides the warmth to your baby in winters.

Suji kheer:  

It is one of the very first solid food for your little one.

Bulgur wheat porridge:  

It’s a cereal food,  made from durum wheat most often. It’s a kind of dried cracked wheat. Bulgur is rich in fiber, protein and has high levels of vitamins.

Carrot, Potato and Apple Soup:

Carrot and apple soup is good for infants. It’s rich in Vitamin A and quite fulfilling.

Ragi Porridge

Ragi is also known as Finger millet. It is a super nutritious, rich source of calcium, potassium, and iron. Ragi is easy to digest for your little one.

Carrot, Rice, Moong daal and Ghee:

Mix these items and cook properly. This is best solid food for baby.

Baby eat very little

Always follow baby’s lead. Don’t ever force baby to finish what you have made. If baby turns the head away or spits out the food repeatedly, stop right away.

If you force-feed the baby, she might just vomit everything out, so stop and try again the next day and there is a better chance of succeeding.


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