Benefits of Yakult

An Overview

Yakult is a probiotic drink. Yakult contains good bacteria that is Lactobacillus casei Shirota strain, which usually also lives naturally in the human intestine. In 1 Yakult bottle, there are more than 6.5 billion Lactobacillus casei. So, by consuming Yakult the number of good bacteria in the digestive tract will increase, making it difficult for bad bacteria to multiply and cause infection.

For both adults and children, the same amount of Yakult consumption is 1-2 bottles per day. Drink 2 bottles per day to get maximum benefit for the body. Keep yakult in the refrigerator, do not freeze it or leave it too long outside. Everyone must have known what it is. It is similar to yogurt which is great for digestion. It tastes sweet and sour with a myriad of benefits for human health, especially for the intestine.

This healthy drink has been in Indonesia since the 90s. The origin of this drink is from Japan where the original brand is “Jahurto” which means yogurt. It contains quite a lot of good bacteria called Lactobacillus casei, in one small bottle, it contains 6.5 billion of these bacteria. Basically, the Lactobacillus casei bacteria are indeed creatures that live in the intestines to facilitate digestion and inhibit the development and growth of bad bacteria.

What are probiotics?

Our digestive system has many bacteria, but not all bacteria have a negative effect on your body. While some bacteria can cause diseases, the good bacteria in your body promote gut health. It also helps in improving the digestion of food and helps in the quick absorption of nutrients.
Probiotics are highly beneficial bacteria that are best for maintaining the health of your gut. Even though they occur naturally in your body, it is essential for you to include it as a part of your diet.

Types of Yakult

There are two known forms of Yakult. The first is called Yakult Original and the other is called Yakult Light. Both drinks have Lactobacillus casei Shirota in the same amounts. However the light Yakult has less sugar in it. The Yakult Original has a red lid on it and the Yakult Light has the blue lid.

1. Increase immunity:

One of the benefits of yakult is that it boosts the immune system by warding off bacteria and viruses that cause the disease. As we all know that yakult contains good bacteria that are good for the intestines. Now, when the intestines are good and work strong, the immune system will gradually get better.
The content of good bacteria, Lactobacillus casei shirota strain in yakult will fight the presence of bad bacteria and infected viruses in the body. Even if you have been attacked by a disease, it is useful to cure the disease. but for consumption in large quantities, it is hoped that you consult your doctor first.

2.Increasing good bacteria in the intestines:

Because of the food we consume is not always healthy, it causes some bad bacteria to dwell in our intestines. Because of this bad bacteria, we usually can be suffering interference in the intestine such as abdominal pain, indigestion and intestinal inflammation. If the intestine is healthy, all things related to health will be good, but if the intestine is sick, then the other body organs will also not work optimally. It can even cause infections, colitis,

3. Constipation and even diarrhea:

To fight this bad bacteria, our body needs good bacteria that can fight it. If the good bacteria in our intestines increase, then we will avoid digestive disorders and can prevent intestinal inflammation. Yakult provides these benefits. By consuming Yakult the number of good bacteria in the intestine will increase so as to protect and maintain our digestive health.

4. Decrease toxin:

Bad bacteria that present in the intestines not only result in intestinal disorders, bad bacteria also contain harmful toxins and have a bad effect on the health of the body. If you consume Yakult regularly, the toxins present in the intestine will decrease and prevent the intestine from becoming infected.

5. Prevent flatulence:

You have a problem with a bloated stomach? This usually happens after you consume fatty foods, hot foods or eat large quantities of food, your stomach will be bloated and nauseated. If this is happening to you, drink Yakult after you eat. Yakult will help neutralize the condition of your stomach, so as to prevent the occurrence of flatulence and nausea.

6. Prevent the body from chronic disease:

Because Yakult is a probiotic health drink, Yakult is useful to help the body prevent various diseases that often attack the body, including chronic diseases such as heart disease, and diabetes. You can also try to look the Heart Attack Symptoms, to know how you can prevent it. You also can get the benefit if you do the Diabetes Treatments With Natural Sources and Activities.

7. Promotes Absorption Of Food:

When the gut flora is not up to the mark, the benefits of all the nutrients and vitamins that are present in your food are not absorbed completely. Yakult helps in digesting the food completely, as it promotes the intestine movement. When the performance of your gut is improved, the food gets absorbed fully. It also supports the intestines’ peristalsis and facilitates digestion.

8. Avoids Constipation:

Most of the people face the issue of constipation, as they follow an unhealthy diet. When they consume processed food regularly, it is less in fiber and will not support the bowel movement. When they take Yakult regularly, it aids in gut mobility and relieves constipation, and maintains gut health.

9. Useful For The Gluten Intolerant People:

People who have Celiac disease or gluten intolerance will be suffering from several digestive disorders when they eat any food with gluten content. As Yakult’s ingredients are gluten-free, they can take it regularly, as it will help in treating diarrhea and other digestive issues.

10. Safe for pregnant women:

If the pregnant mother is suffering constipated, Yakult is safe to take to overcome this problem. A pregnant mother should not strain when experiencing constipation because it will affect the condition of the fetus. Then, use Yakult to overcome the problem of this digestive disorder. However, it should be noted that pregnant women should consume Yakult within reasonable limits and do not overdo it.

Who can drink Yakult?

Yakult is a safe probiotic drink that can be consumed by people of all ages. When you are giving it to your children for the first time, make sure that you give a small amount of Yakult to check whether they can tolerate it. If there are no reactions, you can give them more of the probiotic drink. Adults and the elderly can drink a bottle of Yakult each day to reap the health benefits.

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