Benefits of Sabudana

An Overview

Sabudana or tapioca pearl is made from tapioca sago. The tapioca sago is a starchy substance obtained from the Cassava root. Tapioca sago mostly comes in the form of pearls which are easily added to milk, water or rice to thicken the mixture transforming it into a stew, curry or pudding. In India, tapioca pearls are referred to as “Sabudana” in Hindi, “Sabu” in Bengali, “Javvarisi” in Tamil, “Saggubiyyam” in Telugu and “Chavvari” In Malayalam. They are commonly used in preparing staple desi recipes such as upma, khichdi, kheer, thalipeeth and vada, as well as crunchy snacks like papad and javvarisi vadam.

However, this is not the only nutritious benefit offered by sabudana, although it is comparatively less wholesome when compared with other fiber-rich grains such as wheat and oats. It is low in sodium content, practically has no cholesterol and comprises significant quantities of calcium, for strengthening bones.

As babies have immature digestive systems (and no teeth), it becomes an uphill task to look for ingredients that are easy-to-digest, nutritious and easy-to-swallow for the baby every single day. There are vast benefits of sabudana or tapioca as sabudana is rich in protein, vitamin K, calcium, potassium amongst all. Sabudana is a source of protein, vitamin K and metallic nutrients such as calcium and iron which is necessary for a baby to grow.

Health Benefits of Sabudana

1. Energy Booster:

One of the main reasons why you should consider eating sabudana is because it is rich in energy. It is the main reason why people who fast love to snack on it since it provides them with loads of energy.

2. Loaded with calcium:

Sabudana is made from tapioca root that is loaded with calcium, iron, potassium, and vitamin K which are the keep minerals that are responsible for healthy bone growth and development, which is crucial for babies.

3. Supports weight gain :

If you want to put on weight, tapioca pearls are the right food as they contain good amounts of carbohydrates and calories. Around 100 grams of sabudana contain 88.69 grams carbohydrates and 358 calories. Eating more calories than what your body needs will make you gain weight. This aids in building essential fat tissues to protect internal organs, as well as ensures uniform lipid distribution across the body and is hence very useful for those who are underweight and also as sabudana is rich in its carbohydrate content, it is useful in rejuvenating baby’s energy levels and helps in healthy weight gain and also increases the height.

4. Aids Digestion:

Sabudana has a good amount of dietary fibre that helps to rebalance the healthy gut bacteria. It also helps to prevent digestion issues, relieves gas, bloating and constipation. It contains a good amount of fibre, protein, fats and carbohydrates which increase your metabolism and help you maintain good digestive health. Furthermore, sabudana also helps in eliminating blockages in the gut passage upon digestion and hence prevents constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.

5. Ideal For Restricted Diets:

Being naturally gluten-free, nut-free and grain-free, sabudana is a perfect ingredient that can be routinely added in the diet of people suffering from food allergies and gluten sensitivity. Gluten is a protein intrinsically present in some whole grains such as wheat,barley and rye which triggers a severe reaction in some people whose bodies are averse to this component

6. Provides energy:

One of the main reasons why sabudana is a must-have food during Navratri fasting is it provides the body with energy. Some people break their fast with sabudana khichdi or pudding to give their body instant energy.

7. Helps to regulate blood pressure levels:

Sabudana contains a good amount of potassium that helps to keep your BP in check. It promotes healthy blood flow and lowers the strain on your heart. It is also low in cholesterol and hence can be eaten guilt-free. This mineral acts as a vasodilator which works by relaxing the tension in the blood vessels and open them up.

8. Aids in muscle growth:

If you are a vegetarian, sabudana is a great source of protein which is required for the growth of muscles, repairs damaged cells and tissues and also help in cell growth. Also, if you want to build muscles sabudana can be a great food to have as a pre and post workout snack. Sabudana is a great source of protein, which is required for the growth of muscles. It helps repair damaged cells and tissues and further helps in the growth of the cell. Moreover, it adds muscle mass and improves the tensile strength of connective tissues, thereby fostering muscular development.

9. Great Workout Snack:

If you are on a gaining weight diet, then sabudana can be your perfect workout snack. It’s cheaper than supplements and has the same amount of benefits.

10. Promotes heart health:

Sabudana contains zero cholesterol which is actually good as you don’t need to worry about high cholesterol. An increase in cholesterol causes the build-up of plaque in the arteries which is known as atherosclerosis

11. Strengthens bones:

Sabudana is high in calcium, magnesium and iron which helps to make your bones strong and improve their density. It helps in lowering the risk of arthritis and osteoporosis.

12. Fights birth defects:

The presence of folate and vitamin B6 in sabudana aid in the proper development of the foetus and prevent the occurrence of neural tube defects in infants. This can have a serious effect on the newborn. Folate is an essential nutrient required for pregnant women in the first few months of pregnancy.

13. Non Allergic in Nature:

You can use tapioca flour instead of refined white flour as the latter contains gluten. Tapioca flour is considered the best alternative to white flour. Tapioca or sabudana is free of gluten, nuts and grains so people who are sensitive to gluten, having celiac disease and nut allergies will not have a problem consuming this food.

14. Improves exercise performance:

Studies have shown that drinks containing sago and soy protein during exercise can delay tiredness during high-intensity cycling training.

15. Combats Neural Tube Defects:

Sabudana can be taken by expecting mothers, as it has profuse amounts of folate that plays a vital role in the normal development of the foetus avoiding any chances of neural tube defects and other birth abnormalities in the newborn.

16. Promotes satiety and keeps the baby full for long:

The food for babies should be high in nutrient content and should be stomach filling. As sabudana digests slowly, it remains in stomach for more time thus ideal if you are looking for stomach-filling food.

It is extremely beneficial for easing the digestive process, promoting strong bones and muscles, gaining weight and boosting energy levels when feeling exhausted and tired.

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