Benefits of Pearl millet

An Overview

Bajra or pearl millet ( (Pennisetumglaucum) from the Poaceae family is one of the oldest cultivated crops and ranks sixth most important grain in the world.It is one of the major milletwhich is widely used for its nutritional health benefits around the globe.

1. Enriched with nutrients:

One of the main reason behind Bajra’s popularity is that it is rich in many nutrients. People who cannot afford different varieties of food can easily meet their nutritional requirements by including Bajra in their everyday diet. That’s why Bajra is known as Poor man’s staple food. That does not mean that those who can afford fancy imported foods should ignore Bajra. Let us check its various nutritional benefits.

2. Good for Immunity:

What you eat is likely to affect your immune system. One way to improve your immune system is considering eating foods that promote gut health. Ms Thaker says, “pearl millet is packed with nutrients that support digestive health, which play an important role in enhancing immune functions. However, it is extremely important to not be restricted to the cereal alone.” She recommends incorporating vegetables, fruits, pulses and other millets to your diet as well. Numerous health benefits of Pearl Millet are because of its richness in essential compounds like phytic acid and niacin which is not found commonly in other cereal grains. It is an excellent source of protein and fibre. It has very high starch content and is rich in minerals like phosphorus and zinc. It is also known for its high iron content. It is easily available in areas with erratic rains as compared to other grains due to the plants low water consumption.

3. Beneficial in Preventing Gall stones:

The high fibre content in pearl millet is also known to reduce the risk of gall stone occurrence. The insoluble fibre content in pearl millet reduces the production of excessive bile in our system. Excessive amount of bile secretion in our intestine often leads to aggravate the condition of gall stones.

4. Anti allergic properties :

Pearl millet is a treasure trove of beneficial properties. The grain is very digestible as such and has a very low probability of causing allergic reactions. Due to its hypo allergic property, it can be safely included in the diets of infants, lactating mothers, elderly and convalescents.

5. Antioxidant-rich:

Bajra is rich in phenolic compounds especially flavonoids which are potential anti oxidantsAntioxidants play an important role in the body’s defense system against reactive oxygen species (ROS), which are the harmful byproducts generated during normal cell aerobic respiration. Antioxidants are important for general health, healthy heart, anti-aging and to prevent metabolic diseases. The lignin and phytonutrients in the bajra act as strong antioxidants thus preventing heart-related diseases. This is why pearl millet is considered good for heart health. High amounts of magnesium present in pearl millet has been shown to control blood pressure and relieve heart stress.

6. Beneficial in treating stomach ulcers :

Pearl millet is recommended for curing stomach ulcers. The most common cause for stomach ulcers is excess acidity in the stomach after food intake. Pearl millet is one of the very few foods that turns the stomach alkaline and prevents formation of stomach ulcers or reduces the effect of ulcers.

7. Bajra/pearl millet is gluten-free grain:

Like other millets, Bajra is the best option for patients with celiac disease or people looking for gluten-free foods. Celiac disease is a disease that occurs in the small intestine and gluten is very dangerous as it interferes with your body’s ability to absorb the nutrients from the food you eat.
Bajra protein content is gluten-free so It can safely be consumed by gluten-sensitive individuals.

8. Reduces Blood Glucose Levels:

Bajra glycemic index is 54 which makes it a moderate glycemic index food. However, high fiber and nutrient value provide many benefits for controlling blood sugar. Bajra is a good inclusion in a diabetes diet plan as it delays the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream.

9. Beneficial due to high amount of magnesium:

Pearl millet contains high concentration of magnesium which helps reduce severity of respiratory problems for asthma patients and is also effective in reducing migraine attacks.

10. Stabilizes Cholesterol levels in the body:

Bajra contains a phytochemical called phytic acid which increases cholesterol metabolism. Being high in fiber,Bajra reduces Bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases the effects of Good Cholesterol (HDL). High cholesterol is related to diabetes, High blood pressure, stroke, and many other diseases. So to control cholesterol levels include Bajra in your diet.

11. Helps in bone growth development and repair :

Pearl millet has a large amount of phosphorus. Phosphorus is very essential for bone growth and development as well as for development of ATP which is the energy currency of our body.

12. Treats iron deficiency Anaemia:

High Iron and Zinc content in Bajra helps in increasing hemoglobin. People with iron deficiencyAnaemia must include Bajra in their diet to overcome the problem.

13. Reduces cancer risk :

All millets are known to reduce the risk of cancer occurrence and pearl millet is no exception. Though scientists are not sure how this is, they believe it has something to do with the high amount of magnesium and the compound phytate.

14. Aids in weight loss:

Pearl millet can aid the process of weight loss as it is high in fiber content. Owing to its fiber content it takes longer for the grain to move from the stomach to the intestines. This way, pearl millet satiates the hunger for a long period and thus preventing overeating.

15. Beneficial for Celiac Disease:

Celiac disease is a condition in which a person cannot tolerate even a small amount of gluten in his/her diet. Unfortunately, most of the common grains like rice, wheat, etch have gluten present in them. Millets are the only type of grains which do not have any gluten present. Thus this is suitable for people with celiac disease.

16. Reduces Cholesterol :

It is common knowledge that Pearl Millet is suggested for people suffering from high cholesterol levels. Pearl millet contains a type of phyto chemical called phytic acid which is believed to increase cholesterol metabolism and stabilize the levels of cholesterol in the body.

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