Benefits of Palm Jaggery

An Overview

Palm jaggery is a variety of raw jaggery that provides amazing health benefits because of its rich nutrients profile. It is a wonderful substitute for white sugar, which is nothing but calories and sweetness, as all essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are flushed out during the manufacturing process.Palm jaggery is rich in essential minerals. According to some studies, it has 60 times more minerals than white sugar. It is also the storehouse of many vitamins.

Palm jaggery is an excellent source of many essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, polyphenols, etc. and the presence of these compounds makes them very beneficial for us as they provide numerous health and medicinal benefits.

Health benefits of palm jaggery

1. Restores Healthy Digestion:

It may sound strange, but palm jaggery works as a digestive agent. In some regions of India, people take small serving of it after heavy meals to digestion the food. It activates the digestive enzymes and helps to cleanse the intestinal tracts. It has been observed that regular consumption of Palm Jaggery positively impacts digestive health. By activating digestive enzymes, the sweetener helps with regular bowel movement and cleanses the system. Palm jaggery is also helpful for providing relief from constipation due to the presence of dietary fibers in them.

The dietary fibers in the palm jaggery are natural laxatives that improve bowel movement and ensures smooth elimination of stool from our system and are therefore helpful for dealing with constipation. It also provides relief from other digestive problems such as abdominal pain, indigestion, gas, bloating and flatulence, etc.

2. Natural Detoxifier:

Detoxification is the process of removal of toxins, pollutants, and other unwanted substances from our system. It plays an important role in keeping us healthy as the accumulation of toxins in our body may lead to various health problems. In our body, two vital organs liver and kidneys are primarily responsible for the detoxification process.
However, they also have to perform other important functions.

3.Helps Treat Cold and Cough:

Among many other ailments that palm jaggery helps relieve, cold and cough is the most common one. Added to a warm cup of tea or water, it helps clear the respiratory tract and relieve several symptoms.

4. Rich In Nutrients:

Palm jaggery is rich in iron. Its regular consumption increases hemoglobin leveland treats anemia. Magnesium, on the other hand, regulates the nervous system. High antioxidant content of this natural sweetener helps to protect body cells from damages caused by free radicals. It is equally rich in calcium, potassium, and phosphorus. A rich source of iron and several other nutrients like magnesium, potassium, and calcium, palm jaggery is not your usual cup of sucrose. It’s a perfect sweetener devoid of any artificial substances and full of natural nutrients.

5. Helps Reduce Weight:

Potassium is the nutrient responsible for the weight loss properties of palm jaggery. It helps reduce bloating and water retention, which in turn helps regulate weight. So, are you ready to try out this amazing natural sweetener? Give us a shout out and share your experience with us if you love this amazing natural sweetener.

6. Source of Energy:

Palm jaggery is a natural sweetener and an immense source of carbohydrates that are vital to all functions in the body and day to day functioning. It gives us energy without increasing too much of calories in the body as opposed to white sugar which is very high in calories.

7. Reduces the risk of Anemia:

Anemia is a blood disorder mainly caused by the deficiency of iron in our body, and it may give rise to symptoms such as fatigue, pale skin, weakness, shortness of breath, dizziness, lightheadedness, chest pain, and irregular heartbeat or palpitation, etc. This benefit of palm jaggery is mainly due to the presence of Iron in it. Iron present in the palm jaggery enhances the production of hemoglobin in our body that allows red blood cells to carry oxygen to every cell and tissue of the body. When our cells are well oxygenated, it improves their health and functionality.

8. Active Cleanser:

Palm jaggery also cleans up your system. It cleanses the respiratory tract, intestines, food pipe, lungs, and stomach. It also helps to wipe out the toxins from the body, leaving you healthy and fit.

9. Improves Cardiovascular Health:

Palm jaggery is good for the heart and improves our cardiovascular health due to the presence of essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and dietary fiber in them. The antioxidants and other associated compounds such as phytonutrients and polyphenols in the palm jaggery protect our cardiovascular system from the ill effects of the oxidative damage caused by the free radicals, and thus improves the efficiency and functionality of the cardiovascular system.

10. Premenstrual Syndrome:

Symptoms of PMS like fatigue, irritability, weakness and muscles spasms can all be regulated with jaggery. Palm jaggery intake releases endorphins which are hormones to boost happiness and mood uplifts. Once these happy hormones are released the symptoms of PMS are reduced and the person feels good.

11. Relieves Constipation:

Jaggery palm is full of dietary fibers. These fibers help to treat constipation and indigestion. It helps to clean the system by flushing out unwanted particles. It also stimulates bowel movement. Eating jaggery after meals is said to stimulate the digestive organs and help in the smoothdigestion process. Jaggery itself gets converted to acetic acid and activates the enzymes in the stomach to help in better digestion. It regulates bowel movements and helps in flushing all waste matter down the intestines.

12. Immunity booster:

Loaded with antioxidants and minerals like potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc and iron, jaggery can boost the immune system and fight germs and infections. Regular intake can increase the resistance power of the body.

13. Relieves Many Common Ailments:

Palm jaggery was used in ancient times for its medicinal properties. In fact, it was used to treat dry cough and cold. Palm jaggery helps to clear the respiratory tract by dissolving the mucus. If a person who is suffering respiratory problems like asthma can take palm jaggery to treat it.

14. Sweating Agent:

This is a common use of jaggery. Produced naturally, it does not contain chemicals so its addition in food items is a better option than white sugar which contains chemicals. It adds a nice taste to the food and some people prefer it to white sugar.

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