Benefits of ORS

An Overview

ORS is the abbreviated form of Oral Rehydration Salts solution. The day aims to highlight the importance of Oral Rehydration Salts as a simple and cost-effective method of health intervention. The WHO claims that diarrhoea is one of the major causes of death of babies, who are below five years. Oral Rehydration Solution or ORS as it is commonly known as is a mixture of electrolytes with sugar and water. This solution when consumed helps to restore the electrolyte balance lost due to either sweat, vomiting or diarrhea.

Majorly the ORS focuses on increasing the potassium or sodium content in the body to help intestines to absorb more water. Many studies have found that ORS is an effective solution to help those suffering from diarrhea. A normal case of diarrhoea lasts for 6-7 days and leaves the body without water and salts, resulting in severe dehydration. Dehydration from diarrhoea can be prevented by giving extra fluids at home, out of which the easiest and most effective remedy is ORS.

How to Make ORS at Home

Though the ORS is available over the counter in any medical store, in case of an emergency, one need not worry, as this drink can be easily prepared at home.
• A jar of water
• 5 tsp sugar
• ½ tsp salt


• Take a jar and, fill it with clean drinking water.
• Add about five tablespoons of sugar and, half tablespoon of salt.
• Mix it well using a spoon until the contents are thoroughly mixed.
Do not add anything extra, apart from these ingredients. You should not use any added colour or artificial sweeteners.

Benefits of ORS

1. Excellent for Dehydration:

ORS being a combination of sugar and water with electrolytes has benefits for those suffering from dehydration. When the body loses excess glucose or when dehydration leads to loss of salts from the body, consuming ORS drinks can help restore the lost salts and glucose. This helps to replenish the body with required minerals and electrolytes, which it may lose during any illness. This therapy aims to replace lost fluid in the body to prevent or treat dehydration. Oral rehydration solution is a combination of water, modest salts (potassium and sodium) and sugar.

2. Promote Improved Focus and Motor Function:

It’s important to think before you drink because the content of the beverages you take may affect your focus or concentration. For instance, after a workout, you might be tempted to drink juice, energy drink, or coffee to replenish lost fluids and energy. However, too much sugar, caffeine, and other additives in beverages may cause more concentrated blood and dehydrated body cells and tissues than expected, which can also cloud focus and cognitive functioning and affect motor function.

3. Beneficial for athletes:

For an individual who sweats out a lot in the gym or on the tracks, ORS solution is a good choice as it can help one feel active even after a long session of practice

4. Helps Reduce Fatigue & Weakness:

The main reason behind the occurrence of fatigue and weakness is the body is due to the loss of fluids. This loss causes you to feel dizzy and even sometimes you may feel sleepy. By drinking ORS you can reduce fatigue and weakness easily due to its primary role of replenishing fluids into the body to make you feel active and energetic.

5. Provide Adequate Body Hydration:

The main purpose of giving oral rehydration solution is to hydrate the body. Ideally, the body’s water intake must compensate for water loss through the skin, urine, sweat, and breathing.
However, when there’s too much water lost in the body due to diarrhea, the cells and tissues are depleted with water and nutrients, causing dehydration.

6. Urinary and Kidney Problems:

Repeated and prolonged bouts of dehydration may lead to urinary tract infection, kidney stones (calcium stone formation), and kidney failure.

7. Help treat diarrhoea:

Drinking ORS can help replace the lost fluids and essential salts which were lost from your body due to diarrhoea. The glucose contained in ORS solution enables the intestine to absorb the fluid and the salts more efficiently. Thereby help in preventing or treating dehydration and reducing complications and death.

8. Heat Injury:

If you don’t take enough water while training, vigorous exercise and heavy perspiration may cause dehydration and heat injury. Mild heat cramps may occur to worsening heat exhaustion.

9. Attain Better Dental Health:

Using an ORS is a smart step you can take to ensure regular body hydration and attain better dental health. Gums dry out after a dehydrating illness, such as the flu. Keeping gums hydrated is important not just after an illness, but also after an athletic event, excessive heat, long periods without fluids, and exertion. Taking oral rehydration solution is a great way to minimize dehydration’s damaging effects on your dental health, including dry mouth early in the morning.

10. Attain Happier Disposition:

Drinking water doesn’t only quench one’s thirst but also satisfies the mood or inner self. It’s one way to cleanse the body and mind while eliminating unwanted high sugars in the body that may affect mood and thinking.
People who drink more water are happier since serotonin production, the so-called happy hormone that’s created from an amino acid, only happens when there’s adequate water.

11. Treats fatigue and weakness:

When the levels of fluids in your body reduces, it can cause you to feel fatigued and weak. Drinking a glass of ORS solution can help replenish the lost fluids and make you feel energised quick

12. Beneficial for Athletes:

Rehydration is an important aspect in every athlete’s life. They sweat a lot when on field or training or working out in the gym. Consuming rehydration supplements can make an athlete feel active and help improve performances which can otherwise deteriorate due to loss of energy caused due to loss of electrolytes. It also keeps an athlete safe from injury.

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