Benefits of Javitri

An Overview

The tree also is the source for essential oils, extracted oleoresins and nutmeg butter. Javitri is usually used in cooking due to its sweet and delicious flavor. It gives a bright orange and saffron color to the desserts and is used as a flavoring agent in many dishes.

Mace Spice (Javitri) is obtained from a species called Myristica which is a nutmeg tree. M argentia, M fatua and M malabarica are also trees that are cultivated for their nutmeg fruit. But these are inferior in comparison to their flavors and aromas obtained from M fragrans. Mace Spice (Javitri) is crimson red in color and appears like a thick thread. Mace Spice is extracted from the seed of nutmeg plant, dried in the sun before sold in the market. It is sold as a powder or as a whole.

Let’s check out javitri nutrition facts, mace has exceptionally high amounts of copper and iron that provides 174% of the daily nutrient requirements per 100 grams by the human body. India is known for its rich Vedic culture and thus has various forms of alternative medicines that are different from the field of allopathymedicines. Ayurveda is a traditional system of medicine that treats and integrates the human mind, body, and spirit. An approach which is holistic in nature and includes herbal remedies teamed with diet, physical exercises, breathing techniques and meditation.

Mace has a higher concentration of the same essential oils that are present in nutmeg and therefore has a more intense flavour. It is, therefore, much more expensive than nutmeg. The fully ripe fruit splits open on its own, revealing the mace-covered nutmeg seed. The spice mace, a crimson red coloured thread-like material that envelops the nutmeg, is removed carefully and then usually dried under the sun for a few days, before it is sold, either as whole blades or ground to a fine powder before selling.

Benefits of Javitri

1. Javitri powder good for digestion

With a large number health benefits, Mace Spice (Javitri) regulates the digestive system. Mace included in your diet keeps constipation, flatulence /gas related issues, bloating of the stomach, and constipation away. Mace Spice or Javitri spice also regulates bowel movements, cures nausea and diarrhea.

2. Keeps Your Digestive System Healthy

Mace spice offers a large number of benefits, and one of them is keeping the digestive system healthy. It will successfully relieve bloating, constipation and gas related problems. Not just that, mace spice is good for regulating bowel movements. Use mace spice to cure nausea, and to treat diarrhea and flatulence.

3. Mace Spice (Javitri) Acts as Appetite Enhancer

While we have stated earlier that Mace is an effective spice that reduces bloating and helps in digestion, this definitely leads to improving the appetite. Mace spice works effectively in opening and encouraging your hunger levels.
Mace Spice or Javitri largely improves eating habits and should be recommended to people suffering from the loss of appetite. Including small amounts of mace in your daily food intake helps resolve many a health issues easily.

4. Encourages Appetite

If you feel like you don’t eat enough during the day or are too thin, you should definitely add some mace spice to your diet. You will be amazed at how it can change your eating habits for the better.

5. Traditional Medicine

Mace spice has also been used while preparing Indian traditional medicine. It has antifungal, antidepressant, aphrodisiac and digestive properties that promise to make your life smooth and easy.

6. Boosts Blood Circulation

Another health benefit of mace spice is its ability to boost blood circulation. This will keep your skin and hair healthy, and also protect you from dangerous diseases and infections. Increased blood circulation also prevents diabetes and other life threatening conditions.

7. Get a Mace to Bust Your Stress

Javitri another health benefit is that it acts as a stress buster, Surprising isn’t it? But true to the header that Mace is an excellent stress buster. It is known to be a memory booster and it increases the ability to pay attention while on work to detail. It induces peacefulness and calmness by eliminating anxiety and tension. With the qualities mentioned above,
Mace relieves mental exhaustion as well.

8. Treats inflammation

Being an excellent sedative, the spice is widely used to treat inflammations within the body. It eliminates the pain and reduces the inflammation. Likewise, it helps protect your body from possible infections caused due to wounds. The antioxidant property [12] of the spice also aids in reducing the inflammation.

9. Mace Spice (Javitri) for Cold and Cough problems

Mace effectively treats cold and cough. It protects you from viral relapses and flu by shielding your body againts virus attacks. Mace is used for preparing cough syrups and vaporubs for getting relief from common cold. It is a remedial measure for patients suffering from Asthma. Mace is used extensively in Indian traditional medicine due to its anti-fungal properties.

10. Relieves pain

Mace has been used in traditional Chinese medicine as a natural pain relieving medicine [13] . Used in the form of topical massage oils, the spice helps reduce the pain caused by wounds, muscle cramps or the sorts by reducing the level of inflammation and soothing the pain. As aforementioned, the antioxidant property of the spice also contributes to this benefit .

11. Reduces stress

Tightly packed with B-complex vitamins, the spice is extremely beneficial in managing one’s stress levels. The vitamins niacin, riboflavin and thiamine in mace aids in managing the stress levels, along with reducing anxiety . These vitamins play a central role in stabilising and maintaining your mood as well.

12. Mace Spice (Javitri) Side-Effects & Allergies

Mace is a plant product and is unsafe if consumed in larger than permissible quantities. It could be one of the major reasons for a miscarriage in a pregnant woman or a defect in the newly born. While with the given statement, this could be the case as dangerous for nursing mothers too. Mace has also been linked to hallucinations if taken regularly in heavyr dosage.

  • Used to treat rheumatoid arthritis.
  • The oil acts as a stimulant and is applied externally on penis to treat erectile dysfunction.
  •  Javitri is extensively recommended in pregnancy.
  • It is known to relive depression.
  • It boosts immunity and resistance power.
  •  It can detoxify kidneys and liver.

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