Benefits of Custard Apple


Custard apple, also known as Sitaphal in India, is a subtropical fruit belonging to the Annonaceae family. The fruit grows on a small deciduous tree and is known by different names worldwide. The fruit is around 8 centimeters in diameter and has a sweet and delicious taste. The shape of the fruit may be lopsided, irregular, spherical, heart shaped, or round. It has a creamy and granular textured flesh, surrounded by seeds. Custard apple, also known as cherimoyas and are native to South America, West Indies and some parts of Asia. The fruit is soft and chewy with a hard exterior. The flesh is white in color and has a creamy texture. The pulp coats black shiny seeds that are not consumed, as they are slightly poisonous. The fruit of the custard apple is soft and mealy and is best eaten with a spoon, after removing the numerous black seeds. The consistency of the fruit is what gives it the name “custard”, and it has a tangy and sweet flavor.

Benefits of Custard Apple

1. Healthy Skin and Hair:

Thanks to the high-levels of vitamin A, custard apple is great for healthy skin, healthy hair and better eyesight. It plays a role in moisturisation and anti-aging. The creamy flesh or pulp can be used as a balm to treat boils and ulcers. The outer skin of custard apple is helpful in combating against tooth decay and gum pain. By regularly consuming this mineral-rich fruit, you can boost the strength of your hair, while also enjoying the beneficial effects of vitamin C. Collagen is essential for every part of the body, and vitamin C is required for its production, so this fruit can definitely help your hair loss and dandruff issues.

2. Helps to gain weight:

Custard apples are good for those who need to gain weight. A mixture of honey and custard apple when consumed regularly will help add on the required weight and those much required calories. Custard apple is an ideal snack and/or dessert for those who wish to put on some weight. A calorie-laden fruit, the sugars present in it make peps up the metabolic rate, thus stimulating the appetite levels. The more your appetite is, the better the food intake will be. This in turn can help you gain weight.

3. For A Better Immune System:

Custard apples are excellent sources of the natural antioxidant Vitamin C. This vitamin is also renowned for its innate anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties. Include just one serving of this creamy fruit in your daily diet for a better resistance against infectious agents. It scavenges harmful free radicals in the body, preventing the onset of various illnesses and diseases.

4. Prevents Heart Attacks:

The magnesium content in custard apples helps defend the heart from cardiac attack and can help relax the muscles. Moreover, vitamins B6 in custard apples help prevent homocystein collection which also minimize the risk of heart diseases.

5. Replenish Your Energy Levels:

Custard apple is an excellent source of energy. It helps to fight exhaustion and eliminates muscle weakness.

6. Aids Digestion:

Custard apple is rich in copper and dietary fibre, which helps assist digestion, help ease bowel movement and relives from constipation. Sun dried custard apple pulp can be crushed into powder and consumption of the powder with water will help heal diarrhea.

7. For Better Brain Health:

Custard apple is a good source of B complex vitamins, which controls the GABA neuron chemical levels in the brain. This helps to calm down stress, tension, irritability and depression. It also protects from Parkinson’s disease. 100 grams of custard apple contain 0.6 grams of vitamin B6, amounting to about 20% of the daily recommended value.

8. Excellent For Diabetics:

Having custard apple for diabetes is considered very effective. The abundance of dietary fiber in custard apple helps slow down the absorption of sugar and reduces the risk of developing type-2 diabetes.

9. Controls Blood Pressure:

Custard apples are good sources of potassium and magnesium which help keep the blood pressure levels in control. For those with fluctuating blood pressure levels, a custard apple fruit a day will help keep them in control.

10. Lower the risk Of Arthritis:

The high amount of magnesium in custard apple equalizes the water balance in the body and removes acids from the joint, reducing the symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis. Regular consumption also helps to fight muscle weakness. Custard apple also contains a decent amount of calcium, which is vital for bone health. meaning that it can help to soothe the pain of arthritis, while also cutting down on inflammation in the gut and cardiovascular system.

11. Reduces Cholesterol:

Custard apples contain high levels of niacin and dietary fiber, which help lower cholesterol levels effectively.

12. for a Stronger Digestive System:

This delicious fruit is very effective for treating indigestion. It flushes out the toxins from the intestine, aiding in proper functioning of the bowels. It also prevents stomach related diseases like heartburn, ulcer, gastritis and acidity. Custard apple in its unripe form is further dried and crushed to treat diarrhea and dysentery.

11. Treating Anemia:

Custard apples serve as a stimulant, coolant, expectorant and haematnic. Moreover, the rich iron source is also useful in treating anemia. The high levels of iron in custard apple are very beneficial for curing anemia. The fruit is excellent in treating vomiting, gout and vitamin B6 deficiency.

12. Good For Fetal Skin And Hair:

Custard apple contains high amounts of vitamin A and C, which is very beneficial for maintaining the skin, eyes and hair of the fetus.

13. Prevents Premature Labor:

Custard apple is an excellent source of copper. It is a trace mineral which helps the body to form hemoglobin. Pregnant women need 1000 micrograms of copper each day for proper development of the fetus. Low levels of copper in the body can lead to premature birth in the child. Consuming custard apple during pregnancy is very healthy.

14. Natural Antidote For Scalp Infections:

The vitamin C and antioxidants in custard apple regulate the sebum production in the scalp, reducing dandruff and flaky skin.
Custard apple is believed to be a good alternative to milk. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for pregnant women who are allergic to dairy products.

15. Excellent Source of Iron:

Custard apple is a rich source of iron, which reduces the risk of premature birth of the baby. It reduces the extent of labor pain in expectant women. It is also known to increase the milk production in pregnant and lactating women.

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