Benefits of Betal Leaves

An Overview

There are kinds of vegetables that can be used as the medical treatment. There, ancient people believed in utilizing natural fruits, vegetables, and any kinds of plants as an alternative treatment. Due to the great nutrients contained, fruits, vegetables, and plants are beneficial to treat some diseases. Their role is also linked with the healing properties they had. Betal is a vine plant from the family Piperaceae. Its leaves are consumed with Areca nut or “supari” as Paan in India and several other Asian regions. The Betel leaf scientific name is Piper Betel.

Betel leaves possess immense therapeutic potential, which is all detailed in the ancient ayurvedic manuscripts of Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita. They harbour a characteristic Tikta and Katu Rasa i.e. bitter and pungent taste and generate warmth in the body, with a strong Ushna Virya or potency. Moreover, these green bounties are blessed with Kshara guna i.e. an alkaline quality, that effectively neutralizes pH imbalances in the stomach and intestines, to vastly improve digestive health. They can easily be incorporated into the diet or consumed as pastes, powders, juices, to enhance metabolism, thanks to their Laghu Gunas of being light to assimilate in the body.

As a result, this article will talk about one of the beneficial plants to be used as a medical treatment. Yes, Betel leaf is the one who plays a role in promoting the body health. This leaf belongs to Piperaceae family, which includes pepper and kava. It is commonly consumed by Asian people as betel quid or in paan, with Areca nut and/or tobacco.
betel leaf has a heart-shaped and was used as a medical treatment since many years ago. In India, Betel leaf takes part to be consumed after the meal. People there used to chew betel leaves to get the health benefits of it. Also, it is believed that betel leaf has an important role to detoxicate blood and providing antioxidant nutrients. It is proven by the usage of these leaves to promote cardiovascular function and being such a great anti-inflammatory. Indeed, betel leaf has a good purifying function to the body.

Top benefits of Betal Leaves

1. Source of Beneficial Nutrients:

Providing tannins, chavicol, phenyl, propane, sesquiterpene, cyneole, alkaloid, and sugar makes betel leaf a great candidate to be the best in treating health problems. Moreover, with great nutrients contained, it helps to promote the body functioning as well as maintaining the overall health.

2. Manages diabetes:

Betel leaves are rich in antioxidants that combat oxidative stress in diabetic patients. This reduces blood glucose levels and thus acts as an anti-diabetic agent.

3. Reduces respiratory issues:

Betel leaf widely helps in treating issues related to cough and cold. It is an excellent cure for those suffering from chest, lung congestion and asthma. Apply some mustard oil on the leaf, warm it and place it on the chest to cure congestion. You can also boil few leaves in water, add cardamom, cloves and cinnamon in two cups of water.

4. Source of Antioxidants:

If you chew betel leaves, it helps you to improve the production of ascorbic acid in the saliva. While ascorbic acid is known as the great antioxidant nutrient, then it will help you to maintain the body health. Indeed, antioxidant nutrients contained in betel leaf will help you to protect against viruses and bacteria in the body.

5. Prevents Free Radicals:

As have described before, betel leaf has a good source of antioxidants. These antioxidant nutrients help to prevent free radicals effect which comes from bad environmental exposure and toxins. Also, as betel leaf prevents free radicals, then it will also help you to prevent certain health problems including cancer.

6. Maintains Oral Health:

Betel leaves are bestowed with numerous antimicrobial agents, that effectively combat a host of bacteria dwelling in the mouth which trigger a distinctly bad smell, as well as issues of cavities, plaque and tooth decay. Chewing a tiny amount of paan leaves paste after meals not only boosts gut wellness but also fights bad breath, mouth odour, as well as relieves toothaches, gum pain, swelling and oral infections.

7. Heals injuries and wounds:

Betel leaves increase the protein content and wound contraction rate. Also, they reduce oxidative stress in the body. As a result, wounds, especially burn injuries, heal faster.

8. Decreases bad cholesterol levels in the body:

Eugenol in betel leaves blocks the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver and absorption in the intestines. It also aids the catabolic process of Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. Hence the risk of heart diseases and strokes.

9. Betel Leaf For Weight Loss:

Betel leaves aid in weight loss by increasing the metabolic rate, which ultimately leads to a reduction in body fat. You should eat one betel leaf with 5 peppercorns daily in the morning on an empty stomach to lose weight. Peppercorns have peperin and phytonutrients that make the digestive process easier for the body.

10. Betel Leaves For Cough:

Betel leaves consumption helps in relieving acute chest congestion and cough & cold because of its antibiotic properties. They also reduce inflammation caused due to coughing.

11. Prevents Cancer:

Betel leaves when taken with tobacco and betel nuts is the causative factor for increasing the risk of oral cancer. However, it should be noted that betel leaf alone is packed with valuable phenolic compounds that possess antioxidant, anti-mutagenic and anti-proliferative properties. Aside from these, betel leaves also contain a wealth of phytochemicals that possess cancer-fighting benefits.

12. Fights Depression:

Betel leaves is used for ages as a natural remedy for stimulating the central nervous system function. The presence of aromatic phenolic compounds in betel leaves stimulate the release of catecholamines which supports in enhancing the sense of well-being and uplifts mood. Therefore chewing betel leaves alone is a simple way to beat depression.

13. Increases Body Metabolism:

Normal PH level that betel leaf works for triggers the circulation of the intestines to absorb important minerals and nutrients. As it helps to remove the waste and toxins in the stomach, then it is beneficial to improve the performance of body metabolism system.

14. Promotes Good Alertness:

Betel leaf is such a good beverage to help you maintaining the body health. Not only for that, it also improves your mental health. Having a teaspoon of betel leaf juice regularly can help you to improve alertness. Further, the great nutrients contained promote your body energy to do a lot of great works.

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