Benefits of Banana Stem

Bananas are a high-energy super-fruit and the numerous health benefits they provide. But the stem of the banana plant has even more beneficial properties and helps cure various disorders. Especially banana stem juice/ plantain stem juice has many health benefits and can be made at home very easily.

Banana stem and its flowers are also cooked and eaten. The outer layers of the stem are peeled away and the fibrous inner core of the stalk is eaten.  It cleanses our digestive system, which in turn keeps many diseases at bay. The fibrous inner core of the stalk is eaten after peeling off the outer layer of the stem.

Benefits of  banana stem

We all know that banana is very beneficial. Know the various benefits banana stem juice has to offer. Here’s a list for you.

  • Drinking the juice made from the inner core of a tender banana stem can work wonders. It can help in reducing and regulating blood pressure.
  • If you are suffering from gall bladder stones, include banana stem in the diet at least weekly once.
  • Banana stem juice is rich in iron and vitamin B6, which are responsible for increasing the hemoglobin content in blood.
  • Banana stem is full of fiber, a cup of banana stem is very filling and will keep you satiated for a long time.

Banana stem juice is diuretic and it flushes away the toxins and cleanses the urinary tract. Drinking a cup of banana stem juice helps in treating hyper acidity. You can also have it in empty stomach.

  • Banana stem juice regulates the insulin level in the body, it is extremely beneficial in treating diabetes.
  • Banana stem juice is also very effective for treating urinary tract infections
  • Drinking this juice regularly helps regulate the acidity level in the body.
  • Banana stem juice can help burn the stubborn belly fat. It helps improve digestion and metabolism.
  • Banana stem has properties that can promote urine production, it helps flush out the toxins from the body.
  • Banana stem juice helps control your weight.

Banana stem once cleaned and cut can be soaked in buttermilk and stored in the refrigerator for days. Everyday you can take the required amount of the banana stem and then make the juice.  It is good for your skin and hair too. The leaves, flowers, and even the stem of banana are known to be good for us in some way or the other. Banana stem or the flower stalk is high in fiber content.




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