Benefits of Ajwain water

An Overview

Ajwain seed is packed with many essential minerals as well as vitamins. It also contains some protein, fat, and even carbohydrates, which is a lot to offer from spice plant seeds. The main product derived from ajwain seed is its essential oil, which the seed has 2.5% to 5% of them. The oil from ajwain seed, more commonly known as carom oil, is mostly used as germicide as well as fungicide.

How to Make Ajwain Water

Almost all herbs when eaten for their health benefits, and not being consumed for their flavour alone, need a ‘medium’ for better absorption. The medium could vary from ghee to milk, honey and water. Ajwain water (water infused with this spice) is very easy to make and is a great way to receive the benefits of Ajwain. Just soak 2tsp of dry roasted Ajwain seeds in a cup of water overnight. You could boil this water, strain, wait for it to cool down and then have it, or simply mix the water well next morning, strain the water and have it on an empty stomach.

Benefits of Ajwain water

1. Cures Indigestion Problems

It is believed that chewing carom seeds is a common practice to treat digestive problems, mostly in the form of indigestion. The chemical compounds contained in carom seeds are believed to help regulating the acidity level in the stomach. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising to expect the same benefit from the water mixed with the seeds, right?
To treat stomach problems, you can mix a tablespoon of carom seeds with a tablespoon of cumin seeds. To enhance its potential, you can also drink them with some ginger powder.
For Pregnant WomenIncluding Ajwain in their diet is recommended to many pregnant women in India. Pregnancy often brings with it many gastric issues like constipation and bloating. Drinking on ajwain water is known to help these symptoms. Many women are suggested to have ajwain water post their delivery to help with digestion, lactation and clearing the uterus too

2. As a Fat cutter drink

This ajwain drink is very good to cut down belly fat and other shabby looking fats in the body. You just put 2 glasses of water in a thermoplastic and use like water in short intervals.
It is very good for weight loss, specially for ones who can’t control diet and lazy ones. It can be taken as tea, with a few drops of lemon and a pinch of black salt in it. It is much healthier than regular tea.
For Cough and ColdOne of the traditional home remedies for cold and cough is sipping on a glass of ajwain water. Ajwain is also part of many traditional kadha recipes for this reason. Adding a few tulsi leaves to this makes the decoction more effective. Boil a tsp of ajwain and a few tulsi leaves in a glass of water can help when you are suffering from cold related congestion.

3. Treats Kidney Stones

Having kidney stones can cause excruciating pain and might lead to even direr consequences if not treated immediately. Most kidney stones cases are caused by improper digestion and the malfunctioning of some digestive organs. Consuming ajwain water can help treating kidney stones and preventing them to form.
Ajwain water generally known to treat problems related to digestion. Because of its neutralising functions, drinking ajwain water can help treating kidney stones by crushing the stones slowly to the smallest parts, thus makes it easier to be excreted along with urine.

4. For Cleaning Wounds

A component called thymol in ajwain seeds acts as a strong fungicide and germicide. Thus, ajwain seeds can be crushed and applied on the skin to treat infections or cuts. So if next time you come across any such injury, bring carom seeds to your rescue.

5. Eases the Pain Due to Arthritis

Ajwain seeds possess two qualities that help them fight arthritis. They have antibiotic properties that reduce redness and combat inflammation, and they possess anaesthetic properties that soothe the pain and swelling.

6. Treats the Causes of Intestinal Pain

Our digestive system might be exposed to more problems than we can imagine. Whether it is because of indigestion, inflammations or even microbial infections, intestinal problems can cause agonizing pain to the sufferer. Fortunately, there’s ajwain water which can help in the treatment of intestinal pain.
As ajwain water is a potent digestive cleansing agent, it can be used to wash down the pollutants and unwanted substances inside our intestines.

7. Delivers oxygen throughout the body

Our blood constitutes more than 90% water. It is thus vital in transporting oxygen to different parts of the body. This is why a lack of water can cause a shortage of proper oxygen supply, causing you to have low energy.

8. Boosts skin health and overall beauty

Drinking water can make your skin cells healthier and plump. It is known to minimize premature wrinkles and help you look younger for longer. It can also flush out the toxins that dull your face and ensure a healthy glow. Adding a dash of lemon into your water can add vitamin C to your intake and further boost your skin health.

9. Lubricates joints

Our joints are made from cartilage. Cartilage is about 80% water. Therefore, long-term dehydration can reduce shock-absorbing ability and cause joint pain.

10. Boosts productivity

The lack of water can cause you to become sluggish. A glass of water can help replenish your energy and attention.

11. Flushing out the waste

Water is essential for flushing out unwanted wastes via sweating as well as urine and feces. This helps keep your kidneys healthy and your immune system strong.

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