Benefits of Athimadhuram

An Overview

Licorice Root Benefits exceeds our expectations from a minimal supplement. Licorice commonly known as Athimadhuram. It’s scientific term is called Glycyrrhiza glabra. Liquorice root extract is highly antioxidant and antimutagenic in nature. there is always a tradition that classical Indian singers consuming mulethi(Licorice) to improve their voice and singing. It cures great ease in symptoms of asthma and also relieve cough, cold, sore throat and bronchitis. In Tamil Nadu, we call it as ‘Athimathuram’. It severs many more problems especially in Ayurveda and siddha. Mulethi is an effective traditional herb that is widely used in Indian medicines, folk medicines, home remedies, and Ayurveda.

It is a classical Ayurvedic remedy and has been used in centuries as grandma’s remedy for sore throat and cough. Mulethi is effective to treat ulcers, joint pains, hyperacidity, general debility and many other diseases.
It provides effective treatments for various diseases due to the medicinal properties. It acts as a good analgesic, anti-inflammatory agent, aphrodisiac and antiacid agent. It is a universal plant not only in India all over the world it is used a home remedy. Dried root of this plant has been recommended by Ayurveda for treating respiratory tract illness such as sore throat, cough and wheezing. It was given to decrease the body heat and to quench excess thirst. Antitubercular and strength promoting activity of Licorice have been quoted in ancient Ayurvedic books. Licorice root, as a rejuvenator and as an aphrodisiac assisted to induce sexual desire in Hypo sexual Women.

Benefits of Athimadhuram

1. Licorice improves vocal cords

Licorice roots can be consumed about 2 grms daily with honey directly to get relief from cough and sore throat. And it improves vocal.

2. For Digestion

Licorice root has been used for centuries to treat various ailments that involves digestive tract, as it helps to protect the stomach lining.

3. Licorice cures all throat related diseases

Take Ada’s thigh(Adulsa) and Licorice in equal proportion and grind it well and restore. Having it daily about 2 times a day (morning & evening) will cures all throat related diseases.

4. For Cough

Licorice tea is amazing home remedy for cough and since it is sweet by itself, it is easier to make the children drink it. However this herb should not be taken over the limit. The maximum dosage is 3 to 4 gm of this root, enough for one cup of tea. Take Licorice, dried ginger, Cardamom, Talisa pathiri, Pepper and Cashew nuts each 100 grms and grind well and make a powder. Having this powder about 2 grms daily twice a day will get relief from cough and many other diseases.

5. Treats Ulcer

Mulethi contains anti-inflammatory properties that have powerful effects on treating different types of ulcers, such as peptic ulcer, mouth ulcer, ulcerative colitis, canker sores, etc.
The bioactive compounds carbenoxolone of Mulethi plays an important role in treating gastric and mouth ulcers. It also helps to heal the inflamed mucosal layer quickly and decreases the chances of ulceration.

6. Mouth Ulcers or Canker Sores

Canker sore is a common type of mouth ulcer with pain and tenderness. The bioactive compound carbenoxolone of Mulethi plays a main role in healing mouth ulcers. The water or tea of Mulethi decreases the tenderness and pain. It is also very effective in decreasing the size of canker sores.

7. Provides Cognitive Abilities

Mulethi is an effective traditional remedy with brain-boosting properties. The sweet root of Mulethi contains powerful antioxidants and flavonoids that improve your concentration, memory capacity, focus, alertness, and calmness.
Mulethi is a powerful Medhya Rasayana herb, so it enhances memory power, problem-solving capacity, reasoning, and cognitive abilities.

8. Treats Malaria

The Chinese Mulethi contains a compound LICOCHALCONE that helps to prevent falciparum strain, and it has similar effects of chloroquine. According to studies, the newly isolated licorice compound contains powerful anti-malarial properties.

9. High potassium levels

Research found that Mulethi contains many compounds that help to reduce the level of potassium in the blood. Thus, it may be very effective in the situation of high serum potassium in people who have diabetes and kidney diseases.

10. Relieves Muscle cramps

Mulethi contains muscle relaxant and antispasmodic effects that help to decrease muscle cramps and tenderness for people who have fibromyalgia. The effect of Mulethi can be mainly used in abdominal spasm in women during menstruation, but it can’t work alone, so you may also take other medicines.

11. Licorice cures all liver related problems

Take Licorice, Keezhanelli and Cumin seeds about 100 grms each and grind it and make it into a powder. Having this powder daily about only 2 grms a day will cure all liver related problems.

12. For Menstrual cramps

also relieves menstrual cramps as it has antispasmodic and anti
inflammatory proprieties.

13.  For Constipation

It is also a laxative and can relieve a person, who suffers from constipation. Take this tea daily for 2 to 3 days to get good relief from constipation. 5. For Arthritis- Licorice has anti inflammatory properties, so it may help people who are suffering from arthritis.

14. Menopause

Symptoms of menopause can be cured with the help of athimadhuram as this amazing herb is antioxidant and carries phytoestrogenic quality. The hormonal imbalance during menopause period can be cured with estrogens present in this medicinal herb

15. Constipation and indigestion

Athimadhuram roots can also work on the condition of constipation. Regular consumption of athimadhuram tea for 1 week can work as a laxative and solve the problem of constipation.

Simple Home remedies with Athimathuram

• Power made of dry fried Licorice root, Kadukkai(Chebulic myrobalon) and Pepper mixed with honey is helpful in relieving dry cough caused by dust, smoke and allergic reactions.
• Chewing a small piece of licorice relieves cough.
• Licorice paste can be applied to remove bad smell from axilla
• For itchy skin diseases paste made with licorice leaves can be applied externally


Mulethi is a traditional herbal remedy for treating many health disorders. It provides effective treatments for ulcers, respiratory diseases, indigestion, liver damages, cardiac issues, and many skin diseases. The Mulethi contains many effective health benefits, and it is more beneficial in providing relief from congestion and sore throat. If you consume proper dosage, you can avoid side effects and get an effective health condition.

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