Home remedies to cure Open pores

An Overview

The term ‘open pores’ refers to enlarged skin pores that have become more noticeable over time. The pores on the skin allow it to ‘breathe’ by releasing the sebum or natural oil onto the surface. However, large skin pores often appear in areas that have a higher density of sebaceous glands specifically, in the ‘t-zone’ of the face. They adversely affect the skin texture and become an aesthetic concern for both men and women with oily or combination skin types.Skin pores can stretch out when dirt, oil, skin cells, and debris accumulate inside the pores. Pores may also enlarge as a result of sun damage and aging, which affect the structural integrity of the skin.

Often, oily skin is more prone to large skin pores, especially in young age. However, people with dry skin may have noticeable pores as well. Pore size depends on various factors, including genetics, hormones, age, and sun damage.

How To Prevent The Appearance Of Large Open Pores

If you are wondering how to close the open pores on your face; you can do your bit by keeping the skin clean and sun-safe. Here are some simple skin-care tips you can follow to prevent the open pores from becoming prominent:
• Clean: Use a gentle, gel-based, non-comedogenic cleanser twice daily to unclog pores.
• Protect: Apply a broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen with SPF 30+ every day to prevent premature skin ageing due to sun damage.
• Nourish: Use water-based moisturisers suitable for oily/combination skin. You may also ask your skin specialist to recommend any collagen-boosting products, such as retinol.

Top remedies to cure open pores

1. Egg White:

In a bowl, whip an Egg White with 1 tablespoon of Oatmeal and 2 drops of Lemon Juice.
Using a brush, apply the paste on your face.
After leaving it on for 10 minutes, wash off with lukewarm water.

2. Use an egg white mask:

Topical application of egg whites can help tighten skin pores and give an even tone to the skin. (2) Egg whites also help treat acne and improve skin health.

Mix an egg white with some lemon juice and oatmeal. Apply the paste to the open pores and allow it to dry for half an hour. Wash your face with cold water. Use this remedy twice a week.

3. Jojoba oil:

Massage jojoba oil on your skin for a couple of minutes.
2. Leave the oil on overnight.
How Often You Should Do This
Use this remedy a few times during the week. The consistency of jojoba oil is very similar to the skin’s natural oil. It cleans the clogged pores and minimizes the size of enlarged pores

4. Banana for skin pores:

The antioxidant lutein present in the banana peel, along with the mineral potassium, enables it to heal and rejuvenate your skin. Regular application will smoothen out your ski

5. Steam your face:

Often, your skin pores appear enlarged due to the accumulation of oil, skin debris, and blackheads. Steaming your face can dislodge this dirt from the pores, helping them return to their original size.

6. Turmeric:

Step 1: In a bowl, mix 1 tablespoon of Turmeric and 1 tablespoon of Rose Water to get a smooth paste.
Step 2: Gently rub this paste on the affected area for 15 minutes.
Step 3: Wash off with cold water.

7. Ice the area:

The cold effect of ice helps shrink skin pores and gives a tightening effect. It also promotes blood circulation, thus improving skin health. However, avoid applying ice directly to the skin as it can damage skin tissues.

Wrap a few ice cubes in a clean washcloth and apply it to your skin for a few seconds. You can also use ice-cold water to wash your face. Infusing the water with apple juice, cucumber juice, rose water, and green tea when making ice cubes may provide added benefits.

8. Lemon juice:

Lemon juice possesses astringent characteristics. It helps tighten the skin and unclogs pores. It has been hailed as one of the most effective remedies for blackheads. Its citric acid content helps loosen and break the impurity’s chemical bond with the skin, thus helping clear pores.

9. Multani miiti

Add the rose water to the multani mitti powder and mix well so that no clumps form.
2. Apply a thin layer of this paste on your face and let it dry for 15 minutes.
3. Rinse with cool water.
How Often You Should Do This
Repeat this twice a week.

While clay masks are excellent for unclogging pores, Fuller’s earth or multani mitti soaks excess oil from the skin. It can suck up oil from any material. It is an excellent cleanser for the face and removes impurities. Its skin whitening properties also make your skin glow

10. Papaya mash:

Papaya contains Vitamin C which is an important nutrient for glowing faces. Papaya can also be used as a skin exfoliator as it helps to remove dead skin cells and reduce open pores.

11. Aloe vera:

Aloe Vera encourages new skin cells growth and also helps in reducing pores and blemishes. Apply the gel you extracted from the leaf and wash it off when it dries.

12. Yoghurt:

Yoghurt is one of the best natural home remedies for open pores as it contains lactic acid in it. Lactic acid present in the skin helps to reduce pores and wrinkles and gives a smooth texture. Add yogurt to your diet or you can also apply yogurt directly on your skin.

13. Gram flour:

Besan face pack is one of the best home remedies for open pores.
Direction:Prepare a paste of Besan with sufficient milk or water. Apply the paste on the neck and face and clean it after 20-30 minutes. Do this 2 times a week until you get the desired results.

14. Ice Cubes:

It is an instant remedy for open pores that will stimulate blood circulation and give you a healthier skin. Cleanse your face and rub an ice cube twice in a day for about 5-10 seconds. This is a toner that tightens the pores. Alternatively, you can merely wash your face with ice cold water. For more benefits, fill the ice tray with tomato or lemon juice and freeze it. Massage these ice cubes on your face.

15. Honey:

Honey is incredibly great for skin, as it has antibacterial, medicinal and healing properties. It contains high amount of potassium that kills those bacteria which clog the pores. On the other hand, yogurt is a good source of lactic acid that exfoliates your skin and cleanses the pores. Make a combo of yogurt and honey, and apply it on the pores. After a few minutes, rinse it with water.

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